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Getting Started

A basic guide for anglers wanting to get into the sport of freshwater fishing. General tips and techniques about fishing, and for having the right necessities to hit the water with.

Fishing For Beginners
  Freshwater Fishing Basics
  The Best Fishing Bait
  Pond Fishing
  Freshwater Fishing Techniques
  Freshwater Fishing Tips
  Share A Freshwater Fishing Tip
  Fishing Questions & Answers

Fishing Accessories
  Fishing Stores
  Gifts For Fishermen
  Polarized Fishing Sunglasses
  Fishing Tackle Box
  Fishing Tackle Backpack
  Fishing Tackle Bags
  Flambeau Tackle Box
  Plano Tackle Box
  Bass Scales

Fishing Reels
Find out what to look for when looking for a fishing reel, get tips on maintenance and using one, and read reviews and recommendations on certain brands.

Freshwater Fishing Reels
  Bait Caster Reels
  Fly Reels
  Spincast Fishing Reels
  Spinning Reels
  Underspin Reels
  D.A.M. Quick Fishing Reels

Fishing Rods
Learn about the different materials used to construct fishing rod blanks, the difference between action and power, and check out our reviews and recommendations for selecting a fishing pole.

Fishing Rod Composites
  Freshwater Fishing Rods - Power/Action
  Bamboo Fishing Rods
  Fiberglass Fishing Rods
  Graphite Fishing Rods
  Boron Fishing Rods
  Pen Fishing Rods
  Salmon Fishing Rods - Types and Best Sellers
  Salmon Fishing Rod - Selection Tips

  Travel Fishing Rods
  Ugly Stik Fishing Rod
  Ugly Stik Fishing Rods

Fishing Knots
Step by step instructions with illustrated pictures to learn how to tie fishing knots.

Fishing Knots
  Arbor Knot
  Clinch Knot
  Improved Clinch Knot
  Palomar Knot
  Uni Knot

Fishing Rigs
Step by step guide for various rigging techniques which include demonstrative pictures for visual aide.

Fishing Rigs
  Texas Rig
    Texas Rigs Tips
  Carolina Rig
  Drop Shot Rig
  Wacky Rig

Online Gaming
Get your game on! Play fishing games online, rent them, or buy your favorite ones for yourself or as a gift to someone else.

Online Fishing Games
  Free Online Fishing Games
  Bass Fishing Games

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