Travel Fishing Rods And Combo Packs For The Traveling Fisherman

Do you enjoy adventures of freshwater fishing in the great outdoors? Cool!

Travel fishing rods just might be the perfect fit for your needs.

A travel rod is great for traveling, camping, hiking and backpacking. They tuck away nicely when packing your gear and help to lighten the load.

If you're like most fishermen, then you like to make sure you're prepared as much as possible when planning a trip. However, that means trying to pack everything you can.

If you and the family plan on experiencing more fun and relaxation with more productive time on the water catching fish, and less time fumbling and stressing around with extra over sized gear to exhaustion, then travel rods will help cut down on the extra clutter.

Shakespeare Travel Rod and Reel Combo Kit - photo credit by Jeff LoveShakespeare Travel Rod & Reel Combo Kit with Hard Protective Carrying Case

Options Of Compact Travel Fishing Rods

Some of the best travel rods often come in 3 to 4 sections, which tuck away securely in a sturdy protective case. They range from the very small light action rods for freshwater fishing, and up to the much larger heavy action rods for saltwater angling.

Some traveling rods may come equipped with a fishing reel, but many do not include one. No worries though. Depending on the kind of rod and the type of fishing that you will want to pursue, you'll be able to match them accordingly with your favorite baitcasting, spinning or fly reels.

If you're the type of person who doesn't like to fumble around with multiple rod sections, there are other options. You may want to look into collapsible fishing rods. They collapse down quite nicely to save space for storing away, and telescope outwards whenever you're ready to fish.

Another option that you might like to have fun with are pen fishing rods. These things might be a little small, but they can handle a big fight. They're small enough to carry in your pocket, so you can pretty much take them along with you anywhere.

More Fishing Rods and Gear Equipped For Your Travels

Find The Best Travel Rods and Kits Here

I have listed a one of our top preferred resources here for you to shop around for new and used travel fishing rods. As you'll see, there's also plenty of rod and reel combo kits with either protective carry bags or hard cases.

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