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And Fish Recipes -

Preparing Your Fish/Catch
Learn some simple techniques for cleaning and filleting various types of fish. There is also a cool video that demonstrates how the fillet a striped bass.

How to Clean Fish - How to Fillet Fish
  How To Clean A Catfish - Skinning/Dressing
  How To Clean Catfish - Filleting With Skin On

Cooking Techniques
This provides detailed methods of the various ways for cooking fish. You might be surprised how easy it can be to put together a delicious fish dish.

Cooking Techniques
  Baking Fish
    Baking Fish Methods
  Braising Fish
  Broiling Fish
  Deep Frying Fish
  Grilling Fish
  Microwaving Fish
  Pan Frying Fish
  Poaching Fish
  Smoking Fish
  Steaming Fish

Fish Recipes
Here's a few of our favorite fish recipes. You may try these out for yourself. And you can share your own recipes with us all.

Fish Recipes
  Bass Recipes
  Bluegill Recipes
  Buffalo Fish Recipes
  Catfish Recipes
    Cajun Catfish Recipe
    Grilled Catfish Recipe
    Southern Fried Catfish Recipe
  Carp Recipes
  Cod Recipes
    Baked Cod Recipe
  Crappie Recipes
  Freshwater Drum Recipes
  Eel Recipes
  Muskellunge Recipes
  Pike Recipes
  Salmon Recipes
  Shad Recipes
  Striped Bass Recipes
  Sturgeon Recipes
  Trout Recipes
  Walleye Recipes
  Whitefish Recipes

Fish Sauces and Batters
Get a few ideas for quick and simple marinades and sauces to add some extra flavor to finish off your fish dish.

Court Bouillon
Fish Marinades
Marinating Fish
Butter Sauces
Tarter Sauces

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