The Best Microwaving Fish Advice
And Tips To Microwave Seafood

Microwaving fish is a superb method for poaching, steaming, and braising fish.

Which methods do you associate for cooking fish?... The stove top, the oven, the bbq, on the grill? How about the microwave oven?

Although most people wouldn't think so, preparing fish in the microwave really produces a great dish for poaching, steaming, and braising.

The microwave cooks the fish evenly through, instead of the chance of the inside being overcooked, or undercooked, while the edges curl up and become tough. The microwave can produce perfectly moist, flaky fillets, and delightful whole fish.

microwaved steamed trout fish with green onions and gingerMicrowaved whole trout steamed with green onions and ginger.

Tips For Microwaving Fish

The following are a few simple tips and words of advice to help ensure that your fish turns out as delicious as it can.

Best Fish To Microwave

Whole, fillets, and steaks all do well for microwaving fish... From oily, moderate, to lean fish - striped bass, salmon, cod, sturgeon, trout, walleye, as well as sardines, just to name a few.

Knowing Your Microwave For Cooking Fish

The strength of microwave ovens vary from one to the other according to the wattage power, the size in cubic feet measurements, and if it has a carousel or not. If you are using a recipe or following someones time requirement for microwaving fish, or any food for that matter, adjust for the cooking times accordingly.

Assure The Fish Remains Moist In The Microwave

Some dishes, of course, will require more or less fat content to be added, or a liquid or sauce for poaching and braising. This depends on the fish and how you are planning to present the dish. The amount of cooking time will vary because of this reason, as well as the leanness to richness content of the fish itself.

With most fish dishes, it is best to microwave them with a lid or a cover of some sort. If the dish doesn't have a lid, then you can simply use a plate to cover it. It doesn't need to fit tight or secure.

Cooking The Perfect Fish In The Microwave

It's important not to overcook the fish. Set the time shorter than you think it should be and check it periodically. You definitely don't want to overcook the fish. Once the fish has been overcooked, there really isn't a way to fix it. You can try to mask it with a sauce and still be able to eat it, however, it won't be as delicious.

If you are using a recipe or have come up with your own concoction, you can use the ten minute rule. This is just a common rule of thumb to gauge cooking times of fish. You should figure about 8 to 10 minutes per one inch of thickness of the thickest part of the fish.

As stated above, check the fish often when you microwave fish so as not to overcook it. Fish will continue to cook for a couple minutes after it has been removed from the heat source. So pull it out of the microwave and allow it to stand for about a minute. It should be done by the time you serve it. For more information on determining doneness of fish, click here to go to our cooking fish page.

More Methods For Cooking Fish:

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