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If you would like to include a few details explaining what our freshwater fishing website is about, then please feel free to do so. Or, you can simply copy and paste the information from the box below.

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If you need help with any of this, use the form on our contact page. We will be happy to assist you in the process.

Freshwater Fishing Links Exchange

Would you like a reciprocal link back? Use our contact form and let us know.

Be sure to leave the URL of your website and provide a short description of what your website is about. We'll check out your site, and if it's relevant to ours, and meets our criteria, then we may proceed from there.

We have some specific requirements for exchanging links.

  • Your website must be either about freshwater fishing, cooking fish, fish recipes, or fishing related, i.e., fishing tackle, product reviews, etc.
  • The website should be in working condition - no broken links or under construction pages.
  • No link farms or other shady practices.
  • No racist, sexist, or cruel and demeaning sites will be considered.
  • Must contain quality content, not just a store front.

Furthermore, I would much rather  exchange links to be posted within the content on one of each others' web pages, rather than throwing the links on a page full of fishing links. Why? It carries more weight with SEO, and the search engines are beginning to crack down on those link pages, thus penalizing those websites. Yet, there does seem to be exceptions.

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