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Largemouth Bass Caught with a Jig at Castaic Lake9.1 Pound Largemouth Caught On A Jig

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When Fishing Is LIFE 
If this cute little guy (Brooks) could type he would tell you all about his love of fishing! But since he can't, Mom is here typing for him! He is …

150 Pound 7 1/2 foot Tarpon CAUGHT by 12 year old 
It took me an hour and a half to catch it all by myself. It was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life when it was done I couldn't even lift my …

Who Needs Work? Go Fishin! 
Me, my brother, and my grandpa were fishing one day in the Columbia River, just like always, for pikeminnow (also known as squawfish) in hopes of making …

What is it? 
This particular trip was out of Snow Creek Resort in the little town of Neah Bay, Washington. We left the dock into the Straight of Juan De Fuca at around …

A Big Old Stingray That Just Couldn’t Get Away 
I was out swimming in the ocean in Gulf Shores, Alabama on a very hot, summer vacation day, and decided I'll just cast a line out there with a piece of …

The Art of Little Fishin 
This was a day of fishing lessons... Our granddaughter Grayson who is 3 had been asking her Papa to go fishing. We were camping at Lake Cachuma, off Hwy …

This is my first bluefin tuna I caught aboard the Relentless out of H&M Landing in San Diego on July 16th, and I felt like I won the jackpot. We went …

Land Of Enchantment With Walleyes 
A Day In The Land Of Enchantment We had been fishing all winter in New Mexico and hadn't even caught a cold. We were about to call it till the end of …

Surprise Catch Big Monster Pike 
We was out fishing for catfish and we got this big surprise instead. Biggest pike I ever did see!

Me And My Kids Bank Fishing 
This is a picture of me and my kids fishing from the bank of the California Delta in Stockton, along with the owner of this Freshwater Fishing website …

Big Fish Caught By A US Army Soldier In Baghdad, Iraq 
I am a Sergeant in the U.S. Army. I am currently deployed to Baghdad, Iraq right now. I found this picture of another U.S. Army soldier here in Baghdad, …

Crazy Crawdad 
My two boys and I went out fishing. I was mainly fishing for striped bass, and I had their poles rigged up for bluegill and crappie. The boys were using …

Big ole Mahi 
I must first tell you that I had NEVER fished before in my life. My friend loves to fish and told me I have to try fishing down in the keys because there …

Monster Alaskan Halibut 
My grandpa has always been a hero. During the tumultuous years of WWII, he served in the navy and captained a patrol boat in the Pacific. Following the …

Giant Black Drum Not rated yet
I was just fishing with some friends one day and we were just catching some small reds that day. Just when hope was almost lost and we were about to pack …

Suprise Northern Pike On A Worm Not rated yet
I was fishing for rock bass or perch with worms. I was using an old Zebco pole with a 202 Zebco reel, spooled with 8lb test line, with a no. 6 tru-turn …

Longnose Gar Fishing In Florida Not rated yet
It was a long hot day of fishing for longnose gar (also known as needlenose gar). Lost twelve fish that day, including one that was bigger than this one …

Pond-Stocked Tilapia Fishing Not rated yet
We put 200 tilapia in our pond last year. They survived the mild winter we had and are still going strong and getting big.

How I Became “Famous Mike” Not rated yet
How I became “Famous Mike” By Mike Gundlach First of all let me say this, even though the title may suggest it, this story is not about me. …

And She Thinks We're Just Fishing Not rated yet
This is my youngest daughters first catch. My husband and I had taken our kids fishing and I was randomly snapping pictures. I am so lucky to have taken …

Thanksgiving Weekend Fishing Not rated yet
This year, Thanksgiving gave us incredible weather!! It was over 25 everyday. My boyfriend loves fishing for walleye and can out fish any one I know. He …

My First Pike!! Not rated yet
Fishing in a shallow rocky river using a hook and a frog. Was mainly catching smallies, then this got tossed in the mix! Caught and released.

Prairie's First Bite Not rated yet
Not so much about the catch... as we didn't catch. More of the joy in her face as I took my daughter, Prairie (17 months), on her first fishing outing. …

Golden Masheer Not rated yet
This is one of the best looking fish I have ever caught in a fresh water river. Just see the color. Now a days one hardly catches golden masheer because …

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DIDN'T SEE THIS COMIN! Not rated yet
My son hooked this decent size sheepshead in New Brighton, Pennsylvania. This isn't his biggest fish. He has hooked and landed may fish this size. As …

Just Carp'n Not rated yet
Recently caught a 30.9 ounce Grass Carp in a local river chain here in the great state of North Carolina, of the Yadkin River/Pee Dee River system. …

A Carp With A Story Not rated yet
My son and I were fishing for trout or pike on Quail Lake in Colorado Springs using a fire tiger spoon with 6 pound test fishing line. I was fishing the …

Muskie Like It Cold, Real Cold Not rated yet
It was a fine December day on Leesville Lake in north east Ohio. I was fishing with my old buddy Jim who also happens to be a world class net man. …

Even when you don't catch fish you still........ Not rated yet
I love to catch fish as much as the next guy but I'll be the first to admit I'm no pro. I'm a fisherman but not always a fish"catcher"man. I can have …

Blue Fish Not rated yet
I have a funny story... On this day I was using a bait rig for catching the mackerel. And all of a sudden I hear "zzzzzz", and my reel starts whipping …

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