Big Fish Caught By A US Army Soldier In Baghdad, Iraq

by Travis
(Baghdad, Iraq)

Asp Fish Caught In Baghdad, Iraq

Asp Fish Caught In Baghdad, Iraq

I am a Sergeant in the U.S. Army. I am currently deployed to Baghdad, Iraq right now. I found this picture of another U.S. Army soldier here in Baghdad, Iraq that caught that fish here.

This fish was caught at Camp Victory Base Complex near the Baghdad International Airport.

I don't know what kind of fish it is but hopefully someone can tell me.

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Thanks For Sharing
by: Jason - Webmaster

Nice catch!

I believe that is called an Asp fish. That seems to be a pretty good size for that species. They don't get too much bigger than that, maybe double that size at best, from what I understand.

As a matter of fact, those aren't even native to that area. That species was stocked there before the war began. And, if I'm not mistaken, those have also been nicknamed as the "Saddam Bass"

Thanks for sharing!

That's ME!!!
by: Chris

The fish in the picture is an Aspius Vorax, a member of the minnow family. The locals call it a shelleg. The picture was taken in 2005 on the back deck of the "Boat House" in Camp Victory, Baghdad, Iraq. The lake surrounds AlFaw palace, which was Saddam's personal hunting and fishing grounds.

The fish was so heavy it broke the metal loop on the fishing net. That is still the biggest fish I have ever caught. You will notice the hook in the side of the head. The fish never bit the hook.

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