Striped Bass Fishing
In Freshwater Or Saltwater

The thrill of striped bass fishing brings much excitement and reward with catching one of these tough fighting fish.

Don't let the stripers' beauty fool you. These heavy hitters will double over your pole and strip lots of fishing line from your reel as you attempt to land them.

The enjoyment I get from striped bass fishing is off the hook. No pun intended. Well, maybe just a little. I'm sure you get the point.

To help you learn more about catching these beautiful fish, we've put together a few articles about what they feed on, which lures and baits to use, and applying the best strategies and tips about catching them.

pretty Woman Kissing A Striped Bass - photo credit by cmeleskiiii

Tips and Techniques for Catching Striped Bass

Big Striped Bass Caught By A Boy Fisherman Showing Off His Catch - Photo courtesy of wsh1266

The size and weight of stripers is partly what makes it so fun to hook into one. They don't have the agility to make numerous leaps and jumps out of the water, like largemouth bass are capable of in an effort to spit the hook. Instead, they bulldog and thrash themselves around as they try to get away.

Way too often, many anglers get just a tad bit overly excited when they hook into a striper, and they immediately just wanna reel it straight in right to the boat or the shore line. But there is a little secret trick to successfully landing these fish, especially the bigger ones. Patience is key, but there's more to it than that...

How To Catch Striped Bass

Striper Fishing Tips

Striper Fishing Techniques

Selecting Striped Bass Baits and Lures

Their feeding habits and patterns are something to be aware of if you want to be successful in getting after them. They could be feeding one moment, then the bite will just turn off the next. They are always on the move and tend to run in schools. And wherever the bait fish are, expect a pack of stripers not too far behind.

There are quite a few ways to take stripers. But first, what do striped bass eat? The bait fish in the water will obviously be a good tell as to what they are feeding on, which will help determine which lures you should offer. Soaking bait is very common, while casting and trolling is ever so awesome when they bust on your presentations.

Releasing Or Keeping Your Catch

It's always great to practice catch and release, especially the females for reproduction. But it's not a best kept guided secret that striped bass are good eats...

After a nice day out on the water, what better way to reap the rewards of fighting those husky beasts than to feed the crew with your prized catch.

By the way, use the picture link below to get striped bass recipe ideas for you to consider using. Just remember to only keep what you are planning on eating.

A while back, I took my two boys fishing for largemouth bass at the river just 4 blocks from our home. We ended up catching a nice striped bass. See more about their fun and exciting freshwater striper fishing adventure using the photo link below, including how this trip totally caught me off guard.

Good luck on all your striper fishing adventures. Who knows, maybe one of us could catch the next world record striped bass. Anybody could be lucky enough to hook into a world class striper, but your odds become much greater when you know what you're doing, right?

Do you have any pictures of your catch? Or a cool fishing adventure to tell? Share your striped bass pictures and check out the stories others have contributed.

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