Freshwater Fishing Rigs
"How To" Rigging Instructions And Tips

There are literally hundreds of fishing rigs.

Some rigs are very easy to set up, while others are a little more complex.

We take you through the step by step demonstration process of rigging up so that it can by as simple as possible for you to understand. Therefore, the less time you spend finicking around, the faster you'll be able to get out on the water so you'll have much more fun fishing.

Which type of rig that you will need will depend on the methods of angling you'll be doing. Some rigs are well versed for many different styles of angling techniques, while others primarily focus on one particular technique.

We have a few of our top favorite rigs listed here. And although we are listing them for freshwater fishing, many of them can also be used for saltwater angling tactics as well.

Fishing Rig Instructions Guide

Basic Fishing Set Up

How to Rig a Fishing Rod

The standard Freshwater Fishing Setup is one of the most basic and traditional ways to rig up a rod.

Fishermen have been using this for decades, and obviously for great reasons. This is a very effective and relaxing technique used for catching fish near the bottom of the water column... Hook, line and sinker!

Texas Rigs

Instructions on How to Set Up a Texas Rig

The Texas Rig is one of the most popular and common ways for fishing soft plastics like the almighty plastic worm. This is an absolute great weedless-style set up.

If you are already familiar with this rig and would like some extra helpful tips and techniques, then be sure to check out this section of Texas Rigs.

Carolina Rigs

Carolina Rig Instructions

The Carolina Rig is a variation of the Texas rig. It's just as easy to set up, with one of it's exceptions is that it also consists of a leader.

Split Shot Rigs

The Split Shot Rig is very similar to the Carolina rig, but by having the ability to easily switch out the sinker weight makes for good use of time management.

Drop Shot Rigs

Rigging a Drop Shot Rig

The Drop Shot Rig is a deadly rig when fished properly. It puts the bait right in front of the face of the fish, making hard to resist.

Already know how to tie the drop shot rig? Check out some extremely effective drop shot fishing techniques for catching fish all year around, and not just in clear, deep water for times of the warmer summer months.

Wacky Rigs

Extremely Efficient Wacky Rig For Catching Bass

The Wacky Rig is super simple, yet a very productive rig to use. It seems that many fishermen will often overlook this set up just from the underestimation of it.

We will be adding more of a variety of fishing rigs when we can. In the meantime, if you have a special request, let us know and we'll see what we can do to provide you with it.

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