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Over the years, we've been providing countless fishing tips, fun stories, delicious fish recipes, product reviews, updates and much more.

Perhaps you may remember one of the many striper fishing adventures that my kids and I recently have had.

Freshwater Fishing for Striped Bass in the Calaveras RiverStriped Bass caught while fishing a freshwater river for largemouth bass.

And the mouth-watering pan fried tilapia recipe we conjured up.

Pan Fried Tilapia with Peppercorn-Jalepeño SaucePan Fried Tilapia with Peppercorn-Jalepeño Sauce

Rainbow trout we caught during a camping trip while fishing at Bear River Reservoir.

Sugar Pine Campgrounds Rainbow TroutBear River Reservoir plant stocked Rainbow Trout caught at Sugar Pine Campgrounds

As always, we extend this service to you also. We allow you to create your very own pages to appear here within this website for the rest of the world to see and enjoy.

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You can go as far as submitting a cool fishing picture with a story, write up a personal review about any of the fishing gear that you own, talk about an interesting fishing book that you've read, provide some helpful fishing tips for others to benefit from, or just simply add a brief comment to other submissions.

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Freshwater Fishing Website Club Favorites

The following are a few pearls that can be found throughout our freshwater fishing website. These are some of our personal favorites, and some that are the most popular with our visitors such as yourself. All of which have been submitted by our visitors.

Have a look at some of these top fishing club members pages...

Sparks Noodling
If your adventurous and daring, then you might want to look these guys up to take yourself and your friends on a trip of a lifetime. I highly recommend them if you plan on handfishing for catfish in Oklahoma.

D.A.M. Quick Reels Q & A
I am constantly being asked various questions regarding these DAM reels, and often times the same ones. Therefore, I put together a special page to keep the most commonly asked questions and answers in one place.

Surprise Catch Big Monster Pike
Normally, I would not point out submissions with very little story line, but this one is hard to pass up. Just look at the crazy look on this dudes face.

Catfish Noodling Questions
Handfishing for catfish is another subject that I am always being asked about. So again, I put together a special questions and answers section just for that.

Big Catfish Pictures
This is a compilation of some of your biggest and personal best catfish pictures and stories.

What Is It?
I'll tell you exactly what it is. This is an amazing 17 plus pound cabazon fish caught out of the bay area waters in Washington. Great job to the young man that caught this fish.

The Striper King
When you see the monster striped bass this dude pulls out of the American River in Sacramento, California then you'll know why he has been dubbed the Striper King.

She Thinks We're Just Fishing
The photograph looks like it could belong in a magazine or hanging as a decorative art piece in somebody's home. The story behind this picture is truly touching.

Big Bass Of The Year
This one has received a ton of comments. I'm not sure why. Well, it is a big largemouth bass after all. Can you believe the owner of this photo wanted me to delete it from the website.

Red Tail Amazon Catfish
I like this one because it's something a little different from the normal. The kid caught a cool looking fish out of Texas, and he did a great job with writing the story.

Freshwater Fishing Club Angling Skills

Are you in da' club yet? Do you think you have what it takes? Sure you do. It's really quite easy and fun. As long as you're a fisherman, woman or child at any skill level.

Do you like to lead by taking action and contributing to help make a difference? Or would you rather sit back and observe?

We all welcome you to become apart of this website. In the meantime, best of luck out on the water.

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