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Adventurers: Find a Guide, Plan and Book Your Trip Here.

This is a special invitation to guides offering services of noodling for catfish.

...and for those people looking for a handfishing guide to book a trip with.

Do you, or somebody you know, have catfish noodling expertise and would like to offer services as a guide? Great!

We invite you to post your catfishing guide service information here for FREE! That's right, no advertising charges what so ever.

Jeremy Wade Catfish Noodling with Adrenaline Rush NoodlingRiver Monster's host Jeremy Wade and Adrenaline Rush Noodling with a big catfish.

This section is primarily focused on guides and their services. However, you can find out more about this crazy sport by visiting our catfish noodling page.


Guide Search - If you're searching for a guide to book a trip with, scroll down this page until you see the list of them below the header that reads "Catfish Noodling Guides".

Catfish Noodler Guides - Continue reading to submit your services for a free listing.

Noodling For Catfish Guide Invitation

Why are we offering this free invitation to you?

It seems that a good catfish noodling guide is hard to find. I have been contacted on multiple occasions by people looking for recommended resources of experienced fishermen to take them handfishing for catfish. Unfortunately, I have not been able to provide them with any personal contacts to accompany them on a handfishing trip (until now).

Upon my research, I had seen many other inquiries around the internet about people looking for information about where they can find a guide to take them out hand grabbling for catfish. I've seen questions posted on various fishing websites, forums and blogs. However, most of those questions don't even have any responses.

So, it's obvious that hundreds of people are looking to go noodling for catfish, and you provide your services as a fishing guide, yet nobody knows about you because they can't find you. And that's where I plan to help.

Why else submit your guide service information here?

This freshwater fishing website receives thousands of visitors each month. And there are hundreds of people interested in catfish noodling. Therefore, you include your business information here to be exposed to those people. They see it. They contact you. You take them handfishing. You get paid. They're happy. You're happy. And I'm happy. It's a win-win-win for everybody.

Submission Guidelines For Handfishing Guides

Submitting your catfishing guide and service information is easy.

Here are some things for you to go by when entering your information:

  • Describe your business
  • Explain your services
  • Location
  • Rates (Day/Hourly/Groups)
  • And any other helpful info

Don't forget your contact information:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Fax
  • Website
  • E-mail
  • Availability

The goal is to attract customers' attention to you, and to make them feel comfortable and confident that they can trust you. So, allow for your audience to be aware of what they might expect to experience out in the water with you.

People enjoy pictures too. To add even more attraction, you can upload a photo (up to 4) to show what you're capable of catching and the excitement of other catfish noodlers, and/or your logo if you have one.

Catfish Noodler Guide Submission Form

Are you a catfish noodling guide? Great! Submit your services here.

Catfish Noodling Guides

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Roughneck Noodling Guide 
We offer half day and full day rates. We supply the Texas Legal means of noodling catfish. There is also RV and tent camp sights with Wi-Fi at extra cost. …

Sparks Noodling 
Over 20 years experience - My Dad Bobby Sparks taught me, as well as David and Red Bagget (the stars of the Okie Noodling 1 and 2). I have appeared …

Get Bit 
Guaranteed fish, country boy style! This sport of hand fishing provides an adrenaline rush found nowhere else! We are a group of rednecks raised on southern …

Adrenaline Rush Noodling 
Noodling is the one of the most extreme sports you can take part in. NOTHING gets the adrenaline flowing like the raw power of a massive Flathead on your …

Arkansas Catfish Hoggers 
I have been hoggin' catfish (that's what we call noodlin' in Arkansas) for years. I love it! It is such a rush when you get a big flathead that swallows …

Big TN Cats 
I'm Will Goodman and I'm a guide that loves to spend my summers on the lake noodling for catfish. I have several years of experience and many holes for …

Muddy Waterz Noodling Not rated yet
Muddy Waterz Noodling is located in Northeast Texas. Our guides have been noodling for years and would love to show and teach you what noodling is all …

Fun With The Fish - Hand Fishin’ Hunny Style Not rated yet
We have a group of girls/ladies who don’t mind gettin’ into some tough situations on the shorelines of Lake Tawakoni, TX. We bring in anywhere from …

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Rend Lake Catfish Guides is a catfishing guide service in Southern Illinois. Hogging, Noodling, Hand Fishing, whatever you want to call it, we have …

Double J Noodling Guide Service Not rated yet
We are an East Texas based guide service that loves to see the look on people's faces when they get bit. Noodling is in our blood and the only thing we …

Arkansas Noodling Not rated yet
We offer a fully guided trip in some of the most beautiful lakes that God has ever made. Our guide service is located in the Southern Arkansas. The …

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The following is a miscellaneous list of some of the catfish noodling guides and their service information that we have listed within our website. These …

Sartor Noodling Guides Not rated yet
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Kentucky Hand Grabb'in Catfish Noodling Guide Service Not rated yet
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Click here to write your own.

Okie Noodler Champion Skipper Bivins from Oklahoma. Check for pricing and booking information here.

Check out Marty Jenkins and his catfish grabblers here in Tennessee to see if they're booking.

Planning A Handfishing Trip

As you plan your trip, there are a few things to think about before you finalize your decisions as you research. Handfishing isn't legal everywhere. The following is a list of states in Northern America where noodling is legal.

Legal States For Catfish Noodling

  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • Georgia
  • Illinois
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Louisiana
  • Mississippi
  • Oklahoma
  • South Carolina
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Virginia

If there is a state that should be included or should not be listed above, please contact me so that I can include/delete it on the list.

Note: The laws and regulations may be subject to change. Be sure to double check with your local department of fish and game if you decide to set out on your own handfishing adventure.

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