Fun With The Fish - Hand Fishin’ Hunny Style

by Dena Waldon
(Lake Tawakoni, TX USA)

Hand Fishin’ Hunnies

Hand Fishin’ Hunnies

We have a group of girls/ladies who don’t mind gettin’ into some tough situations on the shorelines of Lake Tawakoni, TX.

We bring in anywhere from 5 or 10 lbs., and up to 65 lbs., and even bigger if we find ‘em. Sometimes we come out empty handed, but either way, these Hunnies aren’t afraid to try.

We started noodling about 4 years ago, and we mostly do it for the fun.

We catch ‘em, photograph ‘em and release ‘em, also know as CPR (catch, photograph, release). Sometimes we even let a couple of the other girls who didn’t catch anything at the time, pass the big monster fish around to get the feel of these big, slippery beautiful beasts.

We are ready for this noodling season.

This is Kallie with a 35 pounder caught in the shallows of Lake Tawakoni.

Hope you enjoy the pic and we look forward to sharing more.

Please see some of our others we’ve shared on our Facebook page: Hand Fishin’ Hunnies. Follow us, like us, and do the same on Instagram: handfishinhunnies.

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