How To Capitalize On Your Freshwater Fishing Passion And Other Fun Hobbies

Is freshwater fishing your passion?

What are some of your favorite hobbies?

We all have a hobby or two... Things that we enjoy doing, or even have a special interest in.

We all know something about something. It could be about your job, career, certain school subjects, drawing, sports, collecting, scrap booking, coupons, travel, your city, muscle cars, dieting, technology, video games, movies or whatever it is that you enjoy.

I happen to have a freshwater fishing passion. Of course there are quite a few other things that I enjoy, too.

What about YOU? What are you passionate about? What are your inspirations?

Why do I ask?

Well, it's quite simple really. You can turn your knowledge into an extra stream of income...

My Freshwater Fishing Passion Income Generator

Here's how I did it...

By creating a website with SBI!. SBI! is a super-charged and powerful all-in-one website building program. Their system provides you with all the necessary tools needed in order to build the most successful websites found on the internet today.

All that you need is BAM – Brain. Attitude. Motivation.

There is a 10 day video action guide (or written version if you rather read) that teaches you the right way, the best way, to creating a website from start to finish.

They start you off with helping you to choose the best possible niche for you. You niche will often be based upon something that you already  know about (whether a lot or a little, or willing to research more about) which will help make your web building that much easier and funner. For instance, just like my passion for freshwater fishing.

SBI! Results - This is a mini directory guide that lists some of our top ranking sites. You can see a variety of niches pertaining to different hobbies and interests.

During the initial process of niche choosing, you'll be able to learn and figure out some of the ways you may want to monetize – this is where you'll see how, and when, you will eventually be able to make money when it comes time for that step. It's a process known as C-T-P-M.

C-T-P-M stands for Content, Traffic, PREsell, Monetize.

  1. You create outstanding content from what you know in a way that pleases the search engines and humans.
  2. People begin trafficking your website.
  3. You gain trust to capture those visitors because they like you, your website and what you have provided for them.
  4. Then ca-ching. The visitor gets what they want. You get what you want. And everybody is happy.

The sweet thing is that you don't have to sell any physical products, worry about inventory, shipments, phone calls or anything like that, unless you want to of course.

However, there are things which you must do along the way. I'm not going to sugar coat it for you, some of it kinda sucks. But, those things are what separate the men and women from the boys and girls. It's all inside of SBI!

Proof That Site Build It! Is THE Best

This is why 60% of SBI! websites are ranked in the top 3 percentile of all websites in the entire world according to Alexa ratings, including my own freshwater fishing website.

Another mind blowing statistic is that SBI! sites generate traffic at an astounding rate of 700:1 compared to WordPress, which is the platform that half of all websites in the world use to create their sites with. This means that for every 1(one) person that visits a WordPress website or blog, a typical Site Build It! website will receives an average of 700 visits... Seven hundred to just one! Check out the stats here.

As if SBI! isn't already great as it is, they have launched a $3.5 million dollar website creator platform known as Block Builder 2, a.k.a. BB2. This new site creator tool has set the bar sky high well above any of those other wannabe competitors.

BlockBuilder 2

My Personal Commitment To You

You'll be amazed at what Solo Build It! can do for you. It helped change my life by giving me the knowledge of making money from my freshwater fishing passion.

I tell you what I'll do for you. If you order Solo Build It! through me, I will personally do my best to help you with any questions or concerns that you may have now or along the way. Just ask. Consider this like a free coaching session, something that would normally cost extra elsewhere. Contact me personally.

Best Regards,


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