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This Freshwater Fishing Blog is tighter than two pound test line while fighting a six pound bass around a brush pile.  It...

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  1. Muddy Waterz Noodling

    May 19, 19 05:46 PM

    Muddy Waterz Noodling is located in Northeast Texas. Our guides have been noodling for years and would love to show and teach you what noodling is all

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  2. 8 Must Have Bass Fishing Books - Top Picks And Best Sellers

    May 12, 19 03:11 PM

    Must have favorite bass fishing books highly recommended to read. 8 of the top selling books about bass fishing written by experienced professional bass anglers.

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  3. Ugly Stick Fishing Rod - Shakepeare "Ugly Stik"

    Apr 27, 19 05:40 PM

    For over 3 decades, Shakespeare's ugly stick fishing rod is the #1 selling fishing poles of all time. They are built incredibly strong and virtually unbreakable.

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  4. This One Almost Got Away, 38 Pound Catfish

    Aug 12, 18 02:05 PM

    My son and I put out a few bottom jugs and left them out over night. We used live bream for bait as we were fishing for yellow catfish. The next morning

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  5. Freshwater Fishing Calendars - Wall, Desktop, Pocket Planners

    Aug 08, 18 09:46 PM

    Find awesome fishing calendars here. Artistic photos of freshwater fishing, hot women anglers, fly fishermen, largemouth bass themes. Perfect for home, office, garage, as gifts or stocking stuffers.

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  6. 20 Instagram Posts Of Patrick Willis Fishing

    Aug 06, 18 12:36 PM

    Patrick Willis fishing pictures and videos. Retired NFL linebacker for the 49ers now spends more time catching freshwater fish like largemouth bass, stripers, and crappie on his new Nitro Z8 boat.

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  7. Suprise Northern Pike On A Worm

    Jan 20, 18 08:46 PM

    I was fishing for rock bass or perch with worms. I was using an old Zebco pole with a 202 Zebco reel, spooled with 8lb test line, with a no. 6 tru-turn

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  8. Mouthwatering Sturgeon Recipes - Pan Seared Fish Steak Fillets

    Jan 20, 18 08:08 PM

    Favorite sturgeon recipes. If you've never eaten sturgeon then you are really missing out. Roasted, saute fillets. Sturgeon Nuggets, fried in peanut oil.

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  9. How To Fillet Fish - Filleting Fish Instructions

    Jul 22, 17 11:38 AM

    Simple and easy guide to fillet fish. Step-by-step instructions with pictures and video to illustrate. Apply the basic method for most fish, skinning fillets, and pan dressing smaller ones.

    Continue reading...

  10. Crappie Decals - White Crappie and Black Crappie Stickers

    Jul 22, 17 10:56 AM

    Show off your true panfish fishing admiration with crappie decals. Stick them on the windows of your car, suv, van, truck. Slap them on your boat. Great gifts. Collect, Buy, Sell, Trade

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  11. "Fast Fish" Recipe Cookbook Review

    Jul 06, 17 01:08 PM

    I have tons of fishing books, fishing magazines, and fish recipe books. But, the most recent book that I've acquired is the Fast Fish fish recipe cookbook,

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  12. Longnose Gar Fishing In Florida

    Jul 05, 17 12:05 PM

    It was a long hot day of fishing for longnose gar (also known as needlenose gar). Lost twelve fish that day, including one that was bigger than this one

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  13. Breaking Down A Lake For Largemouth Bass

    Jul 02, 17 03:41 PM

    Ok, here's a question I get a lot. Let me set the scenario for you. You have a tournament in 2 weeks on a lake you have never been to and don't really

    Continue reading...

  14. Lake Trout - Tagish Lake, Yukon

    Jul 02, 17 02:13 PM

    Caught this monstrous lake trout out of Tagish Lake. It weighed 41 pounds. 45 inches long. Hooked into this big fish in about 80 feet deep of the water.

    Continue reading...

  15. J Hand Fishin'

    Jul 02, 17 12:24 PM

    We are J Hand Fishin'. Our catfish noodling guide service is based out of Blanchard, Oklahoma. We can get you on smaller fish to start with, and then

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  16. Best Father's Day Gift Ideas For Freshwater Fishing Fanatics

    Jun 10, 17 02:38 PM

    Looking for that perfect Father's Day gift? Something cool for a well deserved graduate? Selection guide and top recommendations for fishermen gifts and presents. Show appreciation to Dads and Grads.

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  17. Rod Holder Bracket For Bass Hunter Boats

    Jun 08, 17 04:02 PM

    Bass Hunter boats introduces the Rod Holder Bracket made to fit the Millennium Marine R-100 Rod Holder to the transom. The RHB is aluminum construction

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  18. Cheap Abu Garcia Fishing Reels

    Jun 05, 17 11:09 AM

    Find the best possible deals shopping for cheap Abu Garcia fishing reels. Discounted prices and sales. Cheapest selling on the internet to meet your budget.

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  19. Water Fleas Attracted To My Hip Waders

    Jun 03, 17 03:53 PM

    Recently bought a brand new pair of neoprene hip waders. Once I came out of the lake from fishing I had numerous amounts of little water fleas on my hip

    Continue reading...

  20. DAM Quick 330 Fishing Reel Questions

    Jun 02, 17 02:04 PM

    DAM Quick 330 model fishing reel questions and concerns. Get answers to your troubleshooting issues and where to find replacement parts..

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