Top Selling Crappie Fishing Poles And Crappie Rod Shopping Guide

When it comes to crappie fishing poles, quality doesn't necessarily mean expensive.

Top notch crappie rods will usually run in the range of around $50 to $75, and occasionally in the $40 price range.

All things considered, that is a very great investment, especially for the long term crappie angler. A top of the line crappie pole should provide many years or exciting memories.

Little girl catching a crappie with small fishing pole.

However, cheap fishing rods are often cheap for a reason... because they suck! The tips or guides might break, or the tips could be so weak that they form grooves and snap your fishing line, the handle might not be comfortable, too heavy,... I could go on, but hopefully you see the point.

The only benefit I could see from buying a cheaper crappie pole is if you only plan on using it once in a great while without any concern for it.

But please, don't confuse “cheap” with “inexpensive.” It's great when you can catch a good sell, right?

Bass Pro Shops has some cool sales all throughout the year. And you'll be surprised at some of the things and deals you can find on Ebay. I know of people who have found folks selling bunches of brand new fishing rods and decided to buy all that they had left because of the generous discount that they were getting.

Top 3 Crappie Fishing Poles For The Money

The following crappie rods are my top 3 selections right now according to three different budget levels that are hot sellers...

Inexpensive Crappie Rod

The Uncle Buck's Deluxe Crappie Poles are very affordable and great for the occasional fisherman. These telescopic rods range in length from 10 to 16 feet, light and sensitive, yet have the power to muster those panfish out of tough cover.

Uncle Buck's Deluxe Crappie Pole

Mid Range Crappie Rod

Bass Pro Shops Crappie Maxx Mighty Lite Rods won't break the bank and perform very well. These poles are lightweight and perfect for jigging. Light enough to jig without getting tired and worn out, has a delicate tip allowing you to feel the slightest bite, and plenty of power to easily bring the fish into the boat.

Bass Pro Shops Crappie Maxx Mighty Lite Crappie Rod

High End Crappie Rod

B'n'M Sam Heaton Super Sensitive Jig Rod is my favorite brand of all crappie poles. Granted, they are priced around the same amount as the Bass Pro brands, but I believe that the quality is arguably better. These are light weight and extremely sensitive to allow you to feel even the slightest tap. These are versatile enough to use for all crappie fishing techniques like casting, flipping, trolling, jigging and suspended floating.

B'n'M Sam Heaton Super Sensitive Jig Rod

So, how much are you willing to spend on new crappie fishing poles? Remember, there's really not much of a good reason to go big on buying expensive equipment if crappie fishing is not a passionate hobby for you. But, if you're serious about catching crappie, then by all means, don't skimp on purchasing top quality gear. Invest wisely.

If you are looking to save a little money, you may want to consider shopping for crappie poles at second hand stores and auction sites. You can find gently used items that still perform just like brand new equipment for just a fraction of the cost. It's a win-win.

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