Freshwater Fishing Magazines

Freshwater fishing magazines are one of the best ways to acquire new updates around the angling community.

The articles packed inside these magazines about freshwater fishing are most often written by real fishing enthusiasts that have a true passion of angling, and they bring forth their knowledge to the reader from their first hand personal experience.

There are many great things about subscribing to a freshwater fishing magazine. One of the best is that you can simply order them online at discount prices, and receive them periodically right to your mail box before the even go on sale at the news stands. But I'm sure you may have already realized that benefit.

So, we put together a list of some of our top recommendations. Have a look through and then subscribe to your favorite freshwater fishing magazines. No hassle, no fuss!

You may expect to find articles on everything and anything you should need to know about freshwater fishing straight from the experts. Cool stuff like tips, tricks and techniques, fishing the seasons, how to fish for different types of freshwater fish species, new fishing tackle, interviews from the pros and legends of this awesome sport of angling, and much more.

Freshwater Fishing Magazine Subscriptions

Fishing Facts (6 Issues/1 Year) Fishing Facts

For over 35 years Fishing Facts has been known as the publication that taught us how to fish. Every issue is filled with the latest and proven fishing techniques. Each article is written by one of the top anglers in the United States. Each issue is full of fresh ideas on how to catch more fish.

fishing facts

Field & Stream (12 Issues/1 Year) Field & Stream

True outdoor enthusiasts jump at the chance to read Field & Stream, a leader in the outdoor sports realm. America's No.1 sportsman magazine, Field & Stream features in-depth articles on hunting, fishing and conservation news. Published for over 100 years, you'll be pleased with the editorial excellence you'll get in every issue including first-class fiction and must-reads on the outdoors.

Field and Stream

Virginia Wildlife (12 Issues/1 Year) Virginia Wildlife (12 Issues/1 Year)

For 63 years, Virginia Wildlife magazine has been dedicated to bringing its readers the best in hunting, fishing, boating, and wildlife resource information from around the state. Its award winning design, feature articles, spectacular color photography, and original artwork is an excellent way to explore Virginia's great outdoors.

Virginia Wildlife

Midwest Outdoors (12 Issues/1 Year) Midwest Outdoors

Midwest Outdoors provides extensive coverage of hunting and fishing in the upper Midwest region of North America. Dedicated to enhancing its reader's enjoyment of the outdoors, the magazine includes an abundance of "how-to" and "where-to" articles pertaining to successful outdoor experiences and adventures. Midwest Outdoors is comprised of many authoritative articles contributed by hundreds of writers, each with their own area of expertise, supplementing what many consider to be the total, must-have publication associated with the industry of the outdoors. The magazine also provides its readership with advertisements from top industry companies and organizations, offering unmatched accessibility to the hottest merchandise on the market and the latest essential products. Midwest Outdoors covers news for hunters and fisherman residing in or traveling through Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, and North and South Dakota, with additional sections that focus on each one's local outdoor resources.

Midwest Outdoors

Cabela's Outfitter Journal (6 Issues/1 Year) Cabela's Outfitter Journal

Cabela's Outfitter Journal is not a catalog, it is not sale literature, and it is not simply store propaganda. Cabela's Outfitter Journal is one of the most comprehensive hunting and fishing magazines written by one of the most well known authorities on the world of outdoor sports.

Cabela's Outfitter Journal

Crappie World (8 Issues/2 Years) Crappie World

Crappie World serves as the premier publication for the avid crappie fisherman. The magazine focuses on providing readers with the most useful and relevant information available when it comes to fishing. If you want outrageous, out-of-reach guidance and extreme fishing techniques, Crappie World is not the magazine for you. This publication centers on practical, down-to-earth advice that gets results. Read up on fishing tips and techniques while enjoying action-packed photographs of fellow crappie fishermen. Crappie World features must-read information and expert pointers that are sure to improve your catch. Master crappie fishermen and pros weigh in on the game and reveal their must-know secrets and perspectives. You'll find helpful yet practical tactics for catching big bluegill and more. Whether you are a beginner or experienced crappie fisherman, Crappie World is a staple publication that will have you catching them by the boatful in no time.

Crappie World

See our quick review on this Crappie World fishing magazine.

American Angler (6 Issues/1 Year) American Angler

American Angler is edited to provide readers with the best in where-to, how-to, and when-to information about fly-fishing and fly-tying techniques. The magazine puts an emphasis on home waters, cover entomology, conservation, and products and provide the practical, no-nonsense advice to be successful on the water.

American Angler

Other Popular Freshwater Fishing Magazines

Here are a few more best selling angling magazines for you to check into:

Personally, I also enjoy reading In-Fisherman and North American Fisherman. However, if you live and fish in the other regions of the world noted within these magazines, then I'm certain those should ideally be quite helpful and interesting to read as well.

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