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Do you love to fish and hunt? Awesome! Get the best of both worlds from these fishing and hunting magazines that we have listed just below.

If you enjoy playing in the great outdoors, and want to soak up as much information about these great outdoor activities, then a hunting and fishing magazine compiled with both can be the perfect gift to yourself or another.

It's common that when most people think about hunters, they also relate them to freshwater fishing and/or saltwater angling as well. It should be safe to say that wild game hunters also participate in some action out on the water from time to time. Why else would there be so many cool magazines about hunting and fishing?

The best outdoor magazines are top notch when it comes to articles, professional interviews, and equipment reviews. They put the experts out in the field to test new or improved modern day equipment and techniques, along with old school basics. They gather their results, then write reviews so that we can learn and benefit for a much more successful trip on our future fishing and hunting expeditions.

There are some well known professional anglers that love to hunt as well. Jimmy Houston, Bill Dance, and Hank Parker are just a few of the many guys that like to hunt too. I'm sure you may see guest articles and interviews within outdoor magazines from them and other famous fishermen just like them.

Our Top 10 Fishing And Hunting Magazines

Outdoor Life (12 Issues/1 Year) Outdoor Life

Written and edited for you, the lover of the outdoors, Outdoor Life magazine captures the essence of the outdoor experience. Each full color issue features articles containing up-to-date information on fishing, hunting, boating and conservation as well as award-winning outdoor adventure stories. For the veteran naturalist to the newly converted outdoor enthusiast, Outdoor Life will take you there.

Outdoor Life Magazine

Texas Parks & Wildlife (12 Issues/1 Year) Texas Parks & Wildlife

Outdoor recreation in the Lone Star State is the focus of this magazine, which is packed with stunning color photos and stories about wildlife, fishing, camping, birding, travel, hunting, boating and environmental issues in Texas and its state parks.

Texas Parks And Wildlife Magazine

Colorado Outdoors (6 Issues/1 Year) Colorado Outdoors

Colorado Outdoors is the official magazine of the Colorado Division of Wildlife. This colorful 32-page magazine is jam-packed with information on Colorado's wildlife. It gives the information you want about Colorado and its hunting, fishing and wildlife viewing opportunities. It is published 6 times per year and contains no advertising.

Colorado Outdoors Magazine

Gray's Sporting Journal (7 Issues/1 Year) Gray's Sporting Journal

For an intellectual and artistic approach to the outdoor sporting world, engulf your senses with Gray's Sporting Journal. Each issue provides the avid sportsman excellent coverage of hunting and fishing with an emphasis on literature & art. The magazine's unique approach makes for fascinating and enlightening reading. If you are interested in expanding your sporting knowledge, this is your publication.

Gray's Sporting Journal Magazine

Virginia Wildlife (12 Issues/1 Year) Virginia Wildlife

For 63 years, Virginia Wildlife magazine has been dedicated to bringing its readers the best in hunting, fishing, boating, and wildlife resource information from around the state. Its award winning design, feature articles, spectacular color photography, and original artwork is an excellent way to explore Virginia's great outdoors.

Virgina Wildlife

Midwest Outdoors (12 Issues/1 Year) Midwest Outdoors

Midwest Outdoors is a compelling fishing and hunting magazine that provides extensive coverage in the upper Midwest region of North America. Dedicated to enhancing its reader’s enjoyment of the outdoors, the magazine includes an abundance of “how-to” and “where-to” articles pertaining to successful outdoor experiences and adventures. Midwest Outdoors is comprised of many authoritative articles contributed by hundreds of writers, each with their own area of expertise, supplementing what many consider to be the total, must-have publication associated with the industry of the outdoors. The magazine also provides its readership with advertisements from top industry companies and organizations, offering unmatched accessibility to the hottest merchandise on the market and the latest essential products. Midwest Outdoors covers news for hunters and fisherman residing in or traveling through Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, and North and South Dakota, with additional sections that focus on each one’s local outdoor resources.

Midwest Outdoors

Texas Fish & Game (12 Issues/1 Year) Texas Fish & Game

Texas Fish & Game is the must-have resource for the ultimate outdoorsman. Every issue is filled with information on fishing, hunting, boating, and camping throughout the entire beautiful state of Texas. Texas Fish & Game includes feature articles on detailed product reviews, game profiles, authoritative tips and techniques, prominent companies, and more. The publication also includes columns on subjects such as family fishing clinics, opening season, and the all-time greatest fish and gamers. With a subscription to Texas Fish & Game you will learn all there is to know about the best places in the state to visit for every kind of outdoor adventure there is. This fishing and hunting magazine serves well for all outdoor enthusiasts alike,...

Texas Fish and Game Magazine

Iowa Outdoors (6 Issues/1 Year) Iowa Outdoors

Brought to you by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, Iowa Outdoors is a magazine dedicated to providing readers with all of the latest information regarding Iowa's natural resources. Published for individuals interested in conservation and recreation as well as anyone concerned with Iowa state affairs, the magazine is an intelligent and intriguing source of information and news. Iowa Outdoors brings you in-depth articles on Iowa's natural resources and how they are affected by politics, the passing of different laws and an ever-changing climate. Coverage includes recreation and management as well as a broad spectrum of topics related to the outdoors. Read up on articles like...

Iowa Outdoors

Outdoor Oklahoma (6 Issues/1 Year) Outdoor Oklahoma

Published by the Oklahoma Department of Natural Resources, Outdoor Oklahoma offers readers a concise yet thorough overview of game and fishing in the state. Each issue of this bi-monthly publication is filled with beautiful photographs and informative articles presented in an attractive and compelling layout.

Oklahoma Outdoors

Cabela's Outfitter Journal (6 Issues/1 Year) Cabela's Outfitter Journal

Cabela's Outfitter Journal is not a catalog, it is not sale literature, and it is not simply store propaganda. Cabela's Outfitter Journal is one of the most comprehensive fishing and hunting magazines written by one of the most well known authorities on the world of outdoor sports.

Cabela's Outfitter Journal

Best Selling Hunting And Fishing Magazine

Field & Stream (12 Issues/1 Year) Field & Stream

True outdoor enthusiasts jump at the chance to read Field & Stream, a leader in the outdoor sports realm. America's No.1 sportsman magazine, Field & Stream features in-depth articles on hunting, fishing and conservation news. Published for over 100 years, you'll be pleased with the editorial excellence you'll get in every issue including first-class fiction and must-reads on the outdoors.

Field & Stream

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