Whopper Of A Bass

by Juan Alvarado
(Ferndale, Washington, USA)

Whopper Bass at VanderYacht Park

Whopper Bass at VanderYacht Park

So, I just bought my fishing license for the first time (2 weeks prior to this fishing adventure). I went to the local community park called VanderYacht Park. A friend of mine had told me that there's some pumpkinseed and bluegill in the small pond there at the park.

I had caught maybe like 4-5 bluegill and pumpkinseeds. But then, when I casted out and was reeling in a small bluegill, all of a sudden I felt my line get grabbed. So I tugged hard to set the hook. Unbeknownst to me, I wasn't sure what I had caught yet.

I initially thought it was a catfish, but when it rolled it's belly across the surface of the water, I knew it was a big largemouth bass.

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Impressive catch!
by: Jason

Hey Juan,

That definitely is a whopper of a bass!

The fact that it's length spans down further past your elbow quite a few inches, tells me that it's a really decent sized bass. I'm assuming somewhere around 22 inches, give or take. Hard to see it's girth from that angle, but it probably weighed around 5 pounds.

Impressive catch!

Thanks for sharing.

Keep slaying 'em.

~ Jason

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