My Biggest Catfish Ever - 62 Pound Blue Catfish - Washita River

by Cody Power
(Silo, OK)

River Monster Caught in Silo, Oklahoma

River Monster Caught in Silo, Oklahoma

I live in Oklahoma and have been fishing ever since I could walk. I've fished the Washita River all my life and have heard of big fish coming out of there, but have never actually caught a monster of my own... until last friday when me and a buddy decided to do a night of fishing.

I don't know what it was but the blues were biting like crazy.

We were sitting around drinking some beer when my 20 dollar rod reel bent over and touched the ground. I grabbed that sucker and yanked, and it wasn't until 25 minutes of fighting that sucker that I realized this was the biggest fish that I've ever caught!

This baby weighed in at 62 pounds!

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