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This One Almost Got Away, 38 Pound Catfish 
My son and I put out a few bottom jugs and left them out over night. We used live bream for bait as we were fishing for yellow catfish. The next morning …

50 Pound Flat Head Catfish 
Caught this big flathead catfish at the Cooper Lake Spillway in Texas. Caught with a rod and reel and using a sassy shad lure. It weighed 50 pounds and …

Your Biggest Catfish Pictures - Personal Best Catfish Photos 
Family fishing day and we hooked this monster catfish on the Suwannee River. Caught him on soap and loaded the cooler with more that were caught with soap, …

Twice The Fun - A Catfish Double 
Had two poles in the water. These catfish hit at the same time so I reeled in one and got him on stringer. Then I spent the next five minutes reeling in …

Test Concoction Homemade Catfish Bait 
Caught three stringers full between two of us within about a four hour time period. Man, were they good eating catfish! Jason's response: That's …

Catfish Handfishing Pictures And Stories 
My Mema in East Texas was worried about the fish in her pond dying because it was drying up due to the drought. She said that if we come we can keep all …

Lake Mojave Catfish 
We had been catching 1 pound stripers like crazy. It was about 2 in the morning and we were going to leave when our only pole left in the water fell off …

Red Tail Amazon Catfish! SAY WHAT? 
I was fishing in a neighborhood pond in Spring, Texas, just a day after Hurricane Ike hit the gulf region. I was standing on a bench because everything …

Catfish on Pike Fly 
I was fishing with my mates one summer Sunday afternoon for pike or asp and a 17 kg catfish was caught on my fly. I have a light equipment but I made it …

My Biggest Catfish Ever - 62 Pound Blue Catfish - Washita River Not rated yet
I live in Oklahoma and have been fishing ever since I could walk. I've fished the Washita River all my life and have heard of big fish coming out of there, …

35 Pound Monster Catfish Not rated yet
Dave Kuykendall caught a 35 Pound Monster Flathead Catfish in Inwood, West Virginia.

41” Channel Catfish - Almost A New Michigan State Record Not rated yet
I was fishing out of my kayak on Hamlin Lake in Ludington, Michigan. It was 11:00 at night when I hooked into this huge fish. I was using an ultra lite …

Huge 20 Pound Catfish Not rated yet
I caught this catfish using a Zebco 33 spincast fishing reel , just like these Zebco 33 fishing reels , and baited up with a minnow about 12 inches …

Catching Catfish On Hot Dogs In Texas Not rated yet
My grand son and I fishing with hot dogs... lol

Could've Been A New Tennessee Record For Black Bullhead Catfish Not rated yet
Back in March my brother-in-law and I decided to go out catfish fishing at about midnight. We go to a local park and setup on a public dock. After a …

A Day of Catfish Noodling Not rated yet
These big boys were my first two catfish over 50 pounds. We caught them several summers back... We were noodling some old car bodies. As I checked the …

My First Catfish Not rated yet
My first catfish was at Summit Lake, Indiana. I was using a lime green hook with half a night crawler while fishing to the left side of what used to be …

Flathead Catfish From The Bank Not rated yet
One day me and a buddy of mine decided to head to the lake and do some fishing. The fishing conditions were good, warm and drizzling rain. After …

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