Test Concoction Homemade Catfish Bait

by Jim Rodney
(NE Arkansas)

Guess I'm pretty close to a perfect bait. Still catching good cats!

Guess I'm pretty close to a perfect bait. Still catching good cats!

Caught three stringers full between two of us within about a four hour time period. Man, were they good eating catfish!

Jason's response:

That's awesome, Jim! You definitely do have a whole mess of whiskerfish there.

If you're catching fish like that just about every time out on the water, I would have to agree that your homemade concoction is pretty darn close to perfection.

If you wouldn't mind, would you be willing to let us know what you used to make make the catfish bait? Or is it a secret? lol ;-)

Thanks for sharing your catfish picture. Keep on freshwater fishing.

Best regards,

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Way to catch those catfish!
by: Anonymous

Great job, Jim. What ingredients did you use to make your catfish bait?

Catfish fever
by: Fishing Enthusiast

Yeah, talk about a fish fry, huh. That's how it's done right there boys.

All the best,
Freshwater Fishing Fanatic

Homestyle Catfish Bait Perfection
by: Catfish Mike

Bottle it up and sell it. But first tell us what you used. =)

Most times, just even the traditional baits like chicken liver will bring in a bunch a catfish on a good fishing day. But it's always cool to hear about and learn of new or different baits other folks are throwing out there.

I've used all kinds of different kinds of bait to catch catfish with. So, nothing usually impresses me too much as far as ingredients for homemade slurries and stuff like that. But what I do like to see is evidence of what those baits produce, such as that big stringer full of catfish that you are holding up there in your picture.

Jim, you da' man!

Test Concoction Ingredients
by: Jim Rodney

First of all, do be skimpy with your ingredients.

I used 2 containers of chicken livers ground in a blender with 2 full cloves of garlic, about a quarter cup of garlic powder, and some hot sauce.

Let this sit in the sun in a plastic container (the longer the better). Keep it covered. I then added maple syrup, corn meal, all-purpose flour and a little vegetable oil (or you can use the oil from canned tuna). Mix this until it's a little a stiff, but not too stiff - this is a dip bait to be used on a catfish worm attached to a steel leader.

After you have it mixed, you're then ready to fish. But it's even better the longer you leave it in the hot sun. I leave mine out in the sun covered all the time - it just makes it better and better the longer it sits. If it thins out on you, just add a little more flour till you get the consistency you want. It should be thick enough to stay on the worm, but not too stiff or it doesn't stick to the worm as well. You can also use this on a sponge.

Don't be afraid to try different things. I've also added parmesan cheese and even peanut butter. Don't be afraid to try things you think might work! Worst that can happen is you learn what works and what doesn't.

Good luck and have fun. That's what counts!

Remember, "...Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime!"

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