Could've Been A New Tennessee Record For Black Bullhead Catfish

by Kevin

24 inch, 5 lb Black Bullhead Catfish caught in Tennessee

24 inch, 5 lb Black Bullhead Catfish caught in Tennessee

Back in March my brother-in-law and I decided to go out catfish fishing at about midnight. We go to a local park and setup on a public dock.

After a couple of minutes we began catching a couple catfish here and there.

All of a sudden my favorite pole bends almost in half, so I jump up out of my chair and go to my pole waiting for it to start struggling to make sure that it's on the hook.

So, I finally snag the pole and then I feel the catfish fighting.

I reel it in (wasn't much of a fight) and it was a 24 inch long, 5 pound Black Bullhead catfish. Which in Tennessee, the record set back in 1997 was 3.55 pounds.

Not knowing this at the time, we head back to my house and fillet the fish we caught and freeze the fish for a fish fry.

Well, I figure out about a month and a half later that the biggest record for bullhead catfish in Tennessee was smaller then my bullhead.

Needless to say, I was mad at myself for over looking it, but it makes me keep my eye out for any other possible records.

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