Catfish Noodling For Giant Catfish

Have you ever been catfish noodling? Or just wanting to understand what the hype is about with this crazy "sport"?

Discover and learn how to experience this adrenaline rush handfishing technique to catch some huge catfish.

You may have seen television newscasts or previews advertising this unique method of freshwater fishing for catfish...

You know the ones,... the "Girls Gone Grabblin'" DVD's. Or you may have even watched the episode of Dirty Jobs on Discovery Channel.

Or you may know people who actually participate in the sport. Better yet, are you a catfish grabbler?...

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About Noodling For Catfish

Catfish noodling has been going on for quite a long time. As a matter of fact, noodling tournaments are held which have been running since the 1990's. Festivals take place surrounding the tournaments where thousands of people show up to celebrate the events. The festivals last throughout the day, which includes live entertainment, beverages, and food such as fried catfish, and catfish cook-off contests.

What Is Catfish Noodling?

What is noodling for catfish? Basically, it's fishing for catfish with your bare hands. No rod and reel, no fishing line, and no hooks. Just you and the catfish. Mono y mono. You, your arm, or your hands rather, are the bait.

Species Of Catfish

Flathead catfish are the most common targeted species taken, and sometimes bluecats are caught as well. 20-30 pounders are often caught handfisting, with many also ranging from 40-50 pounds, and occasionally some in the 60 pound weight class.

Best Times And Locations For Noodling

The best times to go noodling for catfish are during the spawning season in the spring. Big mature male catfish will protect the nests from which the females have deposited their eggs into.

The key locations will usually be in hollowed out trees, hollowed rocks, under old boat ramps, types of structure and secluded areas where the catfish feel safe and secure. These nested areas will most often be in shallower, murky, muddy water.

How To Noodle For Catfish

After you have located the catfish, simply wiggle your hand around the nest and wait. The catfish will become irritated and attack your hand. They will clamp down on your hand and sometimes actually attempt to swallow your arm. Latch onto them tight because they will try to roll and thrash around.

Sexy Woman Angie Fox Catfish NoodlingTHE Beautiful Angie Fox Noodling Giant Catfish

Their power and strength is often surprising to many amateurs of the sport. Once you have a hold on the catfish, your buddy can help pull you and the fish to safely land it.

That's catfish noodling! Sound exciting?

Pros And Cons Of Noodling For Catfish

Catfish noodling is considered to be dangerous. People have drowned, lost fingers, and many suffer deep lacerations entangling with these beasts. Therefore, it's important to wear gloves and other protective clothing. Some people will even tie themselves off with ropes to help ensure that they don't get stuck and submerged under water with a strong heavyweight monster sized catfish. Regardless, it would be wise to have a fishing buddy along with you as a spotter.

There are other possible dangers to be aware of as well. People have been known to come in contact with lovely creatures like alligators, snapping turtles, muskrats, beavers and snakes. Imagine sticking your hand in a catfish hole and getting bit by a snapping turtle in the hand, a snake wraps around your neck, and an alligator pulls you under by the leg.

Noodling for catfish isn't for wimps and sissies! Fishing buddies will sometimes poke fun at each other to help encourage another and provide confidence to get-r-done. There are many hard core women that absolutely thrive on the adrenaline rush of handfishing for catfish. Are you bold enough for the heart pumping challenge?

Check Out This Noodling Video

Regulations Of Handfishing

Since handfishing for catfish isn't legal in every region, be sure to check the laws and fishing regulations with your local Fish and Game Department. Some die hard anglers practice the sport of catfish noodling while avoiding the authorities as they fight and wait for legalization.

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