Arkansas Catfish Hoggers

by Clifton Jones

Giant 55 Pound Flathead Catfish

Giant 55 Pound Flathead Catfish

I have been hoggin' catfish (that's what we call noodlin' in Arkansas) for years. I love it! It is such a rush when you get a big flathead that swallows your hand.

I mainly fish Lake Dardanelle at Russellville in Arkansas.

We have caught several fish over 50 pounds. Around 20 to 40 pounds are more common.

I will give you a full day of fishing from daylight to dark, if you can take it that long... this will wear you out.

I fish man made holes that no one else knows where they are, and natural holes in rocks. Man made holes have more fish because nobody but me knows where they are. I have over 200 holes marked on gps, so I can give you a full day of fishing. Not much danger of beavers, snakes or turtles there.

You can keep up to 5 fish per person - blues and flathead both - you can't do that in Oklahoma. So you can get a lot of meat here. I guarantee to put you on fish... holding them is up to you. ;-) I'll help on the first few fish then let you go on your own when you're ready.

And, I'll clean your fish at the end of the day.

I also provide drinks and a cold cut lunch on the water.

Rates for Arkansas Catfish Hoggers:

$200.00 one person
$300.00 two people
$ 50.00 each person after that
Kids under 16 free with adult

I really enjoy taking kids and first timers to teach them this exciting sport of hoggin' giant catfish. They are a lot of fun and a pleasure to watch. Please join us for an adrenaline rush to remember for a lifetime.

Arkansas Catfish Hoggers
Phone Number: (870) 878-2033
Email: jonesclifton583 {at}

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Jun 11, 2015
Broken Commitment
by: Anonymous

I wanted to share my experience with Arkansas Catfish Hoggers...

I missed the season last year so I called in the fall to lock in a date for summer this year. I confirmed with Clifton Jones that we were on the calendar a couple months out. I rounded up the crew and everyone was excited to give "Hogging" a try!!!

A couple weeks out I called for the address and the time that we'd start and... nothing. I e-mailed and tried calling a few more times and never heard back! I finally just let the group know it wasn’t going to happen.

In short, I would NOT RECOMMEND using Arkansas Catfish Hoggers service. It was very disappointing when they didn’t follow-through on their commitment.

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