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Have you ever bought new fishing gear only to realize that you just wasted your hard earned money on some piece of crap?

Have you considered buying some new fishing equipment but just wasn't quite sure if it would be worth the investment?

You are not alone. I'm sure that just about all of us have been in those situations at one time or another.

Why Review Fishing Reels

I have dedicated this section to help you better decide whether or not that fishing reel might be the best choice for you and other fishermen.

I have been writing quite a few reviews for fishing reels like...

I've also supplied my top recommendations for comparable replacement fishing reels for another angler's broken D.A.M. Quick reel.

So, now it's your turn. I extend this service for you to express your opinions and to voice your very own personal reviews.

We invite you to write up a quick review on any and all fishing reels that you own and have used. Please take a moment to do so. It will help out our fellow fishermen tremendously... it can make a positive difference on our wallets as well as on the water.

Could you imagine how broke every one of us would be without the luxury of fishing product reviews? Not cool, right?

Tips For Reviewing Your Fishing Reels

To help you write up the best possible review for your fishing reel, here are a few things that you can include...

Write as MUCH as you would like to. Please be as thorough as you can and use complete sentences so that we can better understand your review.

  • What type of fishing reel is it? Make, Model, Year?
  • Where was it purchased from? New/Used?
  • How much did it cost? Was it on sale or clearance?
  • Schematics (gear ratio, ball bearings, brakes, drag, extra spool, left/right hand retrieval option, recommended line strength, etc.)
  • Warranty information?
  • Freshwater or saltwater, or both?
  • Where do you use it (city, lakes, rivers, ponds)?
  • What kind of fish do you use it for?
  • Do you like it, love it, or hate it? On a rating scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the best and 1 is the worst.
  • Would you recommend it to a fishing buddy?

Fishing Reel Reviews

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Reviews, Ratings and Comments

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Shakespear Synergy Spincast Fishing Reel Review 
The Shakespeare Synergy spincast fishing reel was great to fish with. But we made the mistake of spooling it up with Spiderwire braided line. So, after …

South Bend N Gage R2F – 120/SP Fishing Reel 
I bought the light action South Bend NGage fishing rod and spinning reel combo a few years ago. I wanted to get a couple of extra poles to take my kids …

Pflueger PRES6USCX Undermount/Trigger Spincast Reel Not rated yet
Pflueger offers two undermount spincast reels. The 5-bearing/9-oz President model uses 4/6/8 pound test fishing line. The 2-bearing/5.2-oz Trion model …

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