Replacement Fishing Reel For D.A.M. Quick 330 Spin Cast?

by Scott
(Hope, BC, Canada)

I've owned a DAM Quick 330 Spin Cast reel for the past 45 years and it finally died this past weekend. When I opened it up, the pin that triggers the bail had worn down to a nub.

What's a comparable reel that I can invest in today that is as durable and reliable as my old faithful? Thank you.

Answer for a Comparable Replacement Reel:

Thanks for your question Scott. Let's see if I can help you out. (You said "spin cast" reel, but I assume that you meant "spinning" reel...?)

First, I would just like to say to be able to own a fishing reel and use it for 45 years is awesome. That's nearly a lifetime. Which tells me that you must have taken very good care of it. Nice job.

More Information For DAM Quick Fishing Reels

If you haven't already, you can check out our section of D.A.M. Quick fishing reels. There's a section there for DAM Quick reels being listed to auction and sell on Ebay. You should be able to find the same series of of the 330 there, and possibly replacement parts. I mentioned this just in case you do decide to keep your reel and restore it.

New Spinning Reel Replacement Recommendations:

As far as finding a new comparable fishing reel to replace your vintage antique... I'm not sure of your budget, so I'll give you a few recommendations.

1) Shimano Stradic FI Spinning Reels
This is a best selling fishing reel on the Bass Pro Shops' website. Depending on the gear ratio and the line specs, it's priced from $159.00 to $199.99.
It also won the best in it's class with ICAST in 2007. The following link will take you to the product placement page for more details...
Shimano Stradic FIshimano

2) Shimano Sustain FE Spinning Reel
The quality of the Sustain is a little better than the Stratic series. It has a few more features, such as more ball bearings, a titanium lip on the spool, and equiped to better eliminate backplay for better hook sets. Expect to pay $249.99 to $299.99...
Shimano Sustain FEsustain

3) Shimano Stella FE Spinning Reels
This is one of the best of the best fishing reels out there. It's lightweight and still durable, while capable of handling the power of bigger fish. It's designed to be used in freshwater and saltwater both. ICAST named this a the best freshwater fishing reel in 2010. Priced on the higher end from $699.99 to $749.99...
Shimano Stella FE

4) Pflueger President Spinning Reels
I'm recommending this fishing reel because it's one of the top sellers and it's not as pricey, ranging from $59.99 to $64.99. If you take care of your equipment as well as it seems, this might be a good fit. Pflueger makes excellent products and this one is a great value that shouldn't break your wallet...
Pfluegar President

Fishing Reels on
If you would rather, you should be able to find these Spinning Reels on Amazon.comspinning reels.

Well, I hope this helps you out to find a replacement for your DAM Quick 330 fishing reel. If you have any questions or need more help with this, please feel free to ask them here.

Best regards and good luck freshwater fishing!

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Need another spool
by: bryan ferrier

I own a 330n open face spinning reel. The spool on it broke this weekend. Where can I get another one?

Spool for reel
by: Norm

Where can I find a spool for a DAM 330 N Quick spin cast reel?

SGT Velaz
by: Ray

I have the reel DAM 330 for sale.

330 DAM
by: Dennis Marion

How much for the DAM 330 ?

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Switching Handles From Left To Right?

by Jon Winsor
(Elora, Ontario, Canada)

I have a DAM Quick 330 spinning reel. How do I change the handle to the other side?

Comments for Switching Handles From Left To Right?

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How do I change the handle to the other side?
by: Joeinjarrettsville

Remove the 3 screws holding the handle to the D.A.M. plate on the other side, remove the clip on one end and screw on the other end of the arm that makes the spool go in and out, because you have to flip this part over to make it work on the other side. Clean it, lube it, reverse handle and plate, put it back together, go fish.

switching sides?
by: jaybow68

Go to Mike's reel repair and pull up a schematic for your DAM Quick 330.

You will see that the frame has no holes on the crank side, so switching would appear to require they be drilled in order to switch?

Previous comment implies it might be easy. I wonder?

I have a 330 and a 440. With a fishing buddy who has a 550. All are left hand cranking.

I seem to remember seeing no's that come right hand cranking, much like Mitchells, even nos left odd nos right, might be a better option.

Good luck and tight lines.

Switching sides?
by: jaybow68

Okay, I posted what I was aware of yesterday. Now have found additional info. Seems there is for sale on another site a 220 with some of the original paperwork. Which states for the 220/221
"Easily convertible for right or left" (gist of quote), easily convertible.

Being new to this brand of reel, I'm learning as I go! I am highly impressed with the marque. I started loving Mitchells years ago with my first 300, now I have an equal to them, IMO.

Hope this is helpful.

Remember I am learning too, so keep me posted please.

Switchin' sides
by: jaybow68

Does anyone out there have a good recipe for crow?? I'm about to eat some!

Seems Joeinjarretsville was correct all along. I have just finished switching a 440 crank ass'y from right hand to left. Relatively easy, since even I was able to do it.

I now own the 550 my friend started this with (swapped reels) and two 440s, a 330, a 1401, a sls5, and have a 220 coming. Reckon I better learn som'thin' about 'em.

Thanks fer listnin',

Changing right hand wind to left
by: Dan


I have worked on a lot of these reels and you can switch them from right to left, but it does take a few parts to do that task.

The arm that connects the main gear from the handle has to be changed, otherwise the angle is wrong for the left side. They are pretty common, and anybody that has Quick parts on Ebay should be able to help with that part.

The job is easy if you are mechanically inclined. You will see how to take out a small pin or screw, put on the new arm and re-install.

Good luck,

Quick 330 L to R conversion
by: Geoff


Just received an excellent DAM Quick 330 model that I need to convert from L side retrieve to Right. Had a 220 in the early 70's that I did convert but was SO long ago that I can't recall what was required.

You mentioned that "a few parts" are required... I did see that a few on the auction site that included the box also mentioned having "parts" included... I'm wondering if these are required for the conversion.

Having opened up my 330 (pristine inside) it's not obvious how I would accomplish this without specific parts for conversion.

D.A.M. SLS 2
by: JMB

This reel was designed to switch easily - just loosen & remove the screw on the end of the shaft opposite the handle, pull the shaft out, reinsert from the other side & reinsert the screw - done!
German engineering at its best!

Mine is in its 42nd year of use - cleaned & lubed every 2-3 years - never a problem!

Quick Corp'n of America out of Costa Mesa, California was the company that distributed the D.A.M. reels in Canada & the USA.

I have the manual for the SLS series - pretty rudimentary but it does include schematics for each reels in the series ( 0 to 5). Just let me know if you would like me to send along a scanned schematic for your reel -

Switching Sides
by: Anonymous

I have a 330, a 440, a 550, and a 5000 D.A.M. Quick reel. Read with interest and confusion about changing from left to right retrieve. So I took them from their display case and went through the process on one (330). It took a while. It's been ten years and I'm 68 now.

You do not need any additional parts - just a good memory (or a camera, like I did), and patience.

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D.A.M. Quick 330 Spinning Reel Made?

by Steve

I have a D.A.M. Quick 330 spinning real made in west Germany. How can I find out when it was made?

Jason's reply:
Most reels that don't have an actual date on them, should have like a code somewhere on them. Look for something like a two digit letter marking on the reel. Then you'll have to look that up. I'm not 100% sure that it will be a 2 digit code on your particular reel, but it should give you a good idea of what to look for.

You might also want to see about taking it to an expert, even like a fishing tackle store or possibly a bait shop. Those guys are usually very helpful. It could also be a good idea to take it to an antique dealer because they usually know a lot about the history of just about anything.

Well, I hope this helps. Let me know how it works out for you, because now I'm kinda curious to know for sure about knowing how to determine when these DAM fishing reels were manufactured.

Good luck!

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Line counter
by: Bob

I have a Super Quick with line counter. How does the line counter work?

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Ball Bearing for Vintage D.A.M. Quick Spinning Reels.

by Oswald Chua

I've got a few D.A.M. Quick spinning reels, model 330. Where can I purchase the ball bearing (replacement part no. 100-176)? Thanks.

Jason's reply:

Hi Oswald,

I checked around at a few places, but the most reliable sources seem to be out of stock of that part at this time.

I also checked on Ebay and it looks like you might be able to get lucky there. Just go to Ebay and enter "dam quick reel 330 parts" into the search box and see what is listed there.

Good luck,

Comments for Ball Bearing for Vintage D.A.M. Quick Spinning Reels.

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by: Oswald

I managed to purchase the DAM Quick 330 ball bearing from a bicycle shop (Model No. AVEC 5).
Since I'm able to purchase the ball bearing, I'm sure gonna try using the reels one by one as often as possible. I've got a collection of 13 DAM Quick reels and buying more.

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DAM Quick 330 Line Capacity?

by Chuck
(Hayward, CA)

What is the line capacity for a DAM Quick 330 Finessa fishing reel?

Comments for DAM Quick 330 Line Capacity?

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330 line capacity
by: Anonymous

According to what their company states...

DAM Quick Finessa 330 line capacity is 225 yards for 12 pound test.

But I also found this posted somewhere else on this website by another person...

DAM QUICK AT 330 line capacity 100m/0,30, 150m/0,25, 200m/0,20

Quick Reels
by: Gary Arney

What company makes the D-A-M Quick Reels now, like the 300 series?

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