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We all have fishing stories. So let's hear them.

Share your fishing story here. And read fish stories told by other fishermen too.

Some fish tales are absolutely crazy and delirious. You know the ones that are just blown way out of proportion... “That fish was thiiis big!... well, prove it buddy because your story keeps getting bigger and bigger every time you tell it.”

No worries here. Tell your fishing adventures just as you please. Explain it just as it happened, or feel free to stretch it a little. You can make one up for all I care. A little entertainment is good for the soul.

I'll even help you write your fish story for you. Just type down what's on your mind, just as if you were talking directly to somebody. Send it in and I will take care of the rest. I proof read all stories submitted and edit them prior to publishing them here.

One thing that I ask is that your story is not already published elsewhere on the internet. I strictly check for that because the search engines can penalize this website for having duplicate content. So, your story must be original.

Here are a few cool ideas to get your creativity juices flowing...

  • Two-headed fish.
  • Just out relaxing.
  • Fishing etiquette.
  • Hooking yourself.
  • Breaking your rod.
  • The one that got away.
  • Catching two fish on one cast.
  • Tackle box spilling into the water.
  • Funny bloopers like falling out of the boat.

I'll start you out with a quick freshwater fishing story here...

The California State Record Bluegill That Got Away

Would of, could of, should have... We have all been there and done that before, right?

Well, a few years ago I caught a huge bluegill while fishing in a small man made lake at some high-end apartment complex. I released the fish right away and then thought to myself, “maybe I should have took a picture... Darn it! Too late now.”

I told a couple of buddies at work the next day, but they didn't seem like they believed me. Whatever,... hopefully I'll just catch another big slab out of there just to prove it to them. That still hasn't happened yet.

Anyway, about a couple weeks later there was a picture of a big bluegill on the cover of The Fish Sniffer magazine, which apparently was a new state record if my memory serves me correctly. It looked about the same size as the fish I had caught.

I can't help but wonder if the bluegill I had caught could have been a state record? I guess I will never know.

When I first read that article I just kept kicking myself for not weighing my catch, and for at least getting a photo of it. I still can't get over it when I think about it. Oh well, maybe another day. There's always plenty more fish to catch.

Catch and release, and only keep what you're gonna eat.

Okay. Now it's your turn. Let's hear your fishing stories...

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