Me n' My Buddy Goin' Fishin'

by Moises Morales
(La Manga, Colorado)

Once upon a time there was two friends and they decided that it would be all cool if they went on an exciting adventure that was so exciting that they were so excited about having an exciting adventure. The adventure was exciting because they were all very excited cuz they knew the adventure would be very exciting because everybody knows when you have an adventure it's bound to be very exciting, especially when you are excited about being excited for adventures. The adventure took place in the la manga creek which was the setting of the adventure. They didn't catch fish but an adventure such as this taught these two the meaning of best friends forevership and plenty of other things that people don't really notice or care about. The end. By the way, you will notice this story will not repeat itself, it will not be redundant, and you won't see the same thing twice.

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by: Anonymous

What the heck is this? Was this written as a joke? You cannot be serious. You either are a genius, or high on whatever, or both.

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