Striper Fishing Tips
For Catching More Striped Bass

We have compiled a few of the best striper fishing tips which we feel are the most important to help improve your ability and chances of catching these seemingly elusive predators.

Striped bass can be caught using a variety of methods, in freshwater and saltwater. However, stripers aren't always as predictable as we would like them to be.

The following is a quick list of tips that you should be able to benefit from.

Just keep them in mind the next time you head out to the water. Or jot down a few of the key notes, take a snap shot if you're on your mobile device, or print this page if you prefer to.

Striper Fishing Tips California DeltaStriped Bass Caught on the California Delta

Short And To The Point Striped Bass Fishing Tips:

  • best times to fish for stripers are dusk, dawn and throughout the night.
  • summer-fish deeper water
  • fall/spring-shallow
  • winter-near the surface, great time for top-water presentations
  • stripers thrive on fast moving current for oxygenation
  • look for mouths and channels feeding into lakes, rivers and streams
  • look for wind blown points for bait fish and feeding stripers
  • typically roam in schools
  • search for schooling stripers
  • use sonar electronics to get on top of them
  • keep an eye out for swarming birds preying on bait fish
  • look for balls of bait fish
  • artificial or live bait - match the hatch
  • fresh is best
  • cast into the current with the current
  • striped bass tend to swat at bait
  • they generally like to taste before eating it
  • allow enough time for a striper to take your bait
  • maintain pressure of a hooked striped bass
  • keep only what you plan to eat
  • release spawning females
  • have a good time
  • good luck

These are just a few generalized striped bass fishing tips that we give the pleasure of providing. There is quite a bit more to learn as you gain a better understanding for catching these beautiful creatures, including the proper striped bass techniques and methods that work best.

There really isn't any substitute for the valuable time you spend on the water. This, in turn, will allow you to gain the necessary experience and knowledge to have many more productive outings. You may also want to check out our other articles to learn more about striped bass fishing.

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