Just Carp'n

by Shane Porter
(Harrisburg, NC USA)

30.9 ounce Grass Carp

30.9 ounce Grass Carp

Recently caught a 30.9 ounce Grass Carp in a local river chain here in the great state of North Carolina, of the Yadkin River/Pee Dee River system.

The fish was caught at around 11:00 am this past Saturday, using a simple bread pack bait flavored with strawberry kool-aid sugar pops for pickups. Using a two hook rig method, the baits were casted out on 3 separate rods in a 10 foot area at about 75 yards out. I noticed bubbles in the area, this letting me know some type of fish was feeding.

The fishing rod made a screaming sound as drag was being pulled from the Abu Garcia 6500 reel. I quickly set the hook and the fish put up a great fight! After 15 minutes of a rod bending, drag screaming battle... the fish came in.

And this is not a personal best for myself, but a great fish at 30.9 ounces!!

I understand these fish will grow quite bigger and some have been caught in excess of 60+ pounds. Carp are an over looked species of fish that put up quite a battle and can be very fun to catch. Grab a rod and give it a try! I'm an avid carp fisherman and will continue to do so in the future!

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