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Fish Recipe Cookbooks

Do you enjoy eating seafood? Sweet! We have recommendations of some of the best fish recipe cookbooks.

If you love cooking fish, or want to learn how to make some great tasting fish dishes, a good fish recipe book or two will definitely be inspiring.

And perhaps you may know somebody that likes to have fun in the kitchen creating delicious meals, and want to show them some appreciation, then a fish cookbook can be the perfect gift for them. Be sure to let them know that it may come with the conditions that they have to fire up a fish recipe from the book for you too ;-)

With all of the great cookbooks out there, it can be somewhat a daunting task to pick and choose the one and only fish cookbook to place on your top shelf. I know because I have many cookbooks with thousands of recipes. I won't even mention the ones that suck without any comparison.

Anyway, here are a few that you should find interesting with some mouth watering fish recipes.

Top Rated Picks Of Fish Recipe Cookbooks

Fast Fish

Fast Fish

This cookbook has many extraordinary fish recipes with beautiful pictures of mouth watering fish dishes. The recipes look and sound elegant, yet are fairly simple, quick and easy to conjure up.

I own this fish recipe book and love it. I think you would too. One of our visitors has even submitted a review for it. Take a moment to read their Fast Fish Cookbook Review.

Fishes & Dishes

The Fishes & Dishes Cookbook: Seafood Recipes and Salty Stories from Alaska's Commercial Fisherwomen

From the fisherwomen of Alaska, this cookbook contains around 80 delicious seafood recipes, along with some of their comical and heart throbbing adventures.

The fish dishes are fresh, original, and easy. There's also tips for cleaning and preparing fish, pairing wine with fish, nice art and photos, and more fun stuff.

Fish & Shellfish

The Big Book of Fish & Shellfish: More Than 250 Terrific Recipes

This fish recipe cookbook contains over 250 outstanding recipes - from freshwater fish to saltwater fish and shellfish.

You'll discover how to select the freshest fish and shellfish at the market, or pick a quick substitute fish, then prepare it and cook it by using a variety of cooking methods.

Seafood Cookbook

The Diabetes Seafood Cookbook: Fresh, Healthy, Low-Fat Cooking

Although this book is titled for diabetics, it can be misleading. This fish recipe book is actually for everybody. The recipes here keep to the standards of using healthier ingredients, as opposed to many other fish recipes that may contain more fat and cholesterol substances.

Not only are these fish dish recipes healthy, they taste delicious and are simple and easy to prepare.

Fish: Complete Guide

Fish: The Complete Guide to Buying and Cooking

This fish cookbook won a Julia Child Cookbook Award.

This cookbook is very well organized, containing over 500 stunning fish and shellfish recipes. It provides tips for selecting fresh fish, and then will give a variety of recipes for about 70 different species of fish.

Roy's Fish & Seafood

Roy's Fish and Seafood: Recipes from the Pacific Rim

This book was written by an acclaimed restaurant owner and is one of the best seafood chefs around. These fish recipes have a Hawaiian style flare of elegance which covers a variety of 25 key types of seafood.

If you enjoy using fun fusion inspired ingredients, that are still easy enough to work with, simple to make to have a great delicious tasting meal, then this fish recipe book may be just what you're looking for.

Fish Without A Doubt

Fish Without A Doubt: The Cook's Essential Companion

This 448 fish recipe cookbook seems to go the distance. You'll get essential tips on how to shop for fresh fish, preparing it, and cooking it, all with clear and easy to understand instructions with some photos as well.

It goes over the different methods of cooking fish, along with recipes for salads, soups, fish cakes and burgers, appetizers, pastas, salsas and relishes, and much more to get your taste buds in a craving frenzy.

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