How To Clean Catfish Using The Fillet With The Skin On Method

Many people prefer to skin their catfish first. However, others know how to clean catfish by filleting them first before removing the skin.

We'll explain here the technique of cleaning and filleting catfish with the skin on in just a few quick and easy steps.

Either of the two catfish cleaning techniques are fairly simple. And after you have cleaned a few of your own catfish, I'm sure you will determine which method is best for you.

Also, each of the two methods to clean catfish can incorporate a slightly different technique, which is just easier for some people. Although, the results are basically the same.

The only catfish cleaning tool you would need to start would be a nice sharp, and flexible fish fillet knife. And naturally you would want to have a clean work area, a garbage container close by, and a water faucet. Wearing fish cleaning gloves are optional, but they help to get a better grip on the catfish because of how slimy their skin is.

How To Fillet Catfish

  1. Cut along behind the gills, all the way around and accross the backbone, and underneath towards the mouth. This should be one continuous cut. You want to cut down to the bony structure of the backbone, but not to saw through it with the knife.
  2. Bend or twist the head to snap the backbone and pull it from the body. Some of the entrails shall come along with it as well.
  3. Insert the fillet knife at the vent and slice up through and along the belly.
  4. Open the cavity and proceed with gutting it.
  5. Remove any of the fins except for the tail. You can pull them out with pliers.
  6. Starting on the opposite side of the tail, insert and slide the knife down along the backbone. You should be able to feel the bony structure with your knife. You may have to work it a bit through the rib cage area. Stop at the tail, leaving the fillet attached.
  7. With the skin side down, grip the tail end, and insert the fillet knife in between the meat and the skin. Slide the knife straight down through to the other end. Be sure not to tilt the knife down or up, as that will cause you to cut through the skin or meat.
  8. Cut away the remaining rib bones.
  9. Repeat for the other fillet.
  10. Rinse quickly with water.

And that's it. Simple enough, huh? Your catfish fillets are ready for the fire! You now know how to clean catfish and fillet them with the skin on. It becomes much easier with more experience.

You can also try skinning the catfish before filleting them.

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