Tips For Packing And Buying A New Freshwater Fishing Tackle Backpack

Looking forward to journey out on the trail to that secret fishing hole?

A fishing tackle backpack just might be what you need.

A tackle back pack is extremely convenient for those cool hiking and backpacking adventures. They provide the accessibility for the free use of your hands and the ease of maneuverability while trekking into the wilderness, rather than struggling to carry your freshwater fishing gear in your hands as you stumble along.

Besides getting the opportunity to explore the great outdoors and taking in the sweet fresh air, you may get the chance to embark on some untouched territory. The great thing about a nice hike off of the beaten path is that there would be very little to no fishing pressure at all, meaning that you'll have greater opportunities for catching fish.

Tackle packs are great for anglers on the go. You'll be able to pack all the necessary fishing equipment while heading to that secluded fishing spot along the river, a stream, or to a distant pond.

Fishing Tackle Backpack Packing Tips

What should you pack?

You should want to keep your load as light as possible. Pack only the most important equipment. Keep it simple and stick with the basics.

The following are a few important tips for you to keep in mind when shopping for a new backpack for your fishing tackle and hiking excursions.

Fishing Tackle For Your Tackle Backpack

Include just a few basic fishing lures. Bring your favorites and your go-to baits. Know what you will be fishing for and match the hatch. Also bring a few hooks and a couple floats for some live bait fishing.

If you have divider trays in your backpack, then you can obviously be able to fill those up. But again, the more you cram into your pack, the heavier it will be. If you plan on hiking for a while, the extra weight will become a factor on you and your endurance.

Types of Fishing Rods To Pack

Take a nice light travel rod. Travel fishing rods usually come in 3 to 4 sections with a light protective carrying case that you can put inside or attach to your tackle backpack.

Telescopic rods are great space savers too. However, some people recommend staying away from these types of rods because most of them seem to have poor action when fighting fish. I actually carry a telescopic rod with me in my backpack and haven't had any trouble with landing fish.

Packing Fishing Reels

You can put your reel in a case too. I would prefer a cloth style case, or simply wrap it in a hand towel and place it in your pack. The cloth is light and will leave more room for other things.

Other Fishing And Hiking Gear

And of course, you can pack other essentials like drinking water, snacks, compass, map, extra clothing, first aide kit, and anything else that you would need for your freshwater fishing backpacking trip.

See our freshwater fishing gear checklist for additional items that you could consider packing into your backpack.

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