Clinch Knot - A.K.A The Cinch Knot
Tying Guide With Pictures

The clinch knot is one of the easiest knots to learn how to tie. It's a cinch knot to know how to master.

Although this fishing knot is quite easy to tie, especially for beginner fishermen, it's not one of the strongest knots to use if you expect to catch and land some quality fish. This clinch fishing knot is known to slip at the worst possibly times...

I've experimented with a few variations of this knot and have had some big fish come right off just as I got them to the water's surface getting ready to land them.

So, the lack of strength with this knot should be something to consider when fishing for certain species of fish. Therefore, I would recommend using this knot for quick tying when fishing for smaller sized fish such as panfish, like crappie, bluegill and other sunfish.

The following is a step by step guide with illustrated pictures for tying the clinch style knot to either a fishing hook, swivel or lure.

Instructions For Tying The Clinch Knot

Steps To Tie The Clinch

1. Insert the tag end through the hole. Be sure to pull it through long enough to give yourself enough room to work with - any where from 6 to 10 inches should be plenty.

How to Tie a Clinch Knot, cinch fishing knots tying instructions

2. Wrap the tag end over and under the main line about 5 or 6 times. You can also hold the tag end and the main line together, and then twist the business end where the line is inserted through the eye hole.

Wrapping the Clinch Knot, Pictures how to tie a cinch knot

3. Run the tag end back down and insert it through the loop hole closest to the eye hole.

How To Tie Clinch Fishing Knot Tying Instructions, running the tag end through the loop hole

4. Pull the tag end all the way through as you begin cinching it nice and tight. Before you completely tighten the line, be sure to moisten it with either water or your saliva - this with help to keep it tight and secure, with less of a possibility of slipping.

It also helps to hold the main line in one hand, the eye hole with the other hand, and then pull in opposite directions away from each other until it fastens tight and secure.

When the knot is secure, the wrapped loops shouldn't sit one on top of the other, but instead, the wrapped line should sit side by side.

Securing the Clinch Knot, tips for freshwater fishing cinch knots

5. Clip the excess line of the tag end up to about 1/8", but it doesn't need to be any closer than that.

Cutting the Clinch Knot tag end, Cinch Knots Tying Instructions, freshwater fishing

And there ya' go!... how to tie the clinch knot, also known by some as the "cinch knot". Have the best of times on the water freshwater fishing!

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