Shakespeare Ugly Stik Fishing Rods Will Stick It Straight To The Fish

Are you looking to acquire a new fishing rod?

Shakespeare ugly stick fishing rods, actually the "Ugly Stik" brand, are the number one selling poles of all time.

This line of blanks are a big staple among freshwater fishing and saltwater anglers of all age groups and experience.

I own a few ugly stick fishing rods myself and am happy with their superb strength and durability. I have been using these fishing poles for many years and will continue to fish with them for many more years to come.

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Three Freshwater Ugly Stik Fishing RodsA Few Of Our Shakepeare Ugly Stik Freshwater Fishing Rods

I use them to catch a variety of different species of fish.

My kids and I use the light tackle Ugly Stik rods for panfish like crappie and bluegill. These light tackle rods have even been able to handle larger game fish for us like largemouth bass and catfish.

We use medium to heavy action Ugly Stik rods to battle large sport fish that have doubled the poles over on carp, catfish and striped bass. The great thing about these powerful ugly stick fishing rods is that they have held their own over and over again, managing to pull in the big heavy fish without any problems.

Advantages Of The Ugly Stik

What is so great about owning an Ugly Stik rod?

They are extremely tough, pretty much unbreakable.

You may have seen the commercials on television, like the one where the fisherman's wife puts his rod in the trash compactor. Then he pulled it back out still all in one piece as he headed out the door.

How about this compilation of wives trying to destroy their husbands' poles?...

My kids and I have banged our Ugly Stik rods around so much on all types of things, and they didn't get so much as a chip on them. I've also gotten a few snags, even while using 20 pound test fishing line, and with all of the pulling and yanking on the rod, my line broke off free without even damaging the rod at all.

The only disappointing thing that I have experienced with these rods is that I have lost a couple. But is was only due to my negligence in the excitement of fishing. It happens to many anglers, you know, when your pole gets knocked overboard into the water... arrr.

The great thing is that they are inexpensive and very affordable. Luckily, they cost much less than what they should be worth. So, when I lost my other poles I went right back out and purchased new ones and didn't feel bad about burning a hole in the wallet.

More Thoughts About Shakespeare Ugly Stik Rods

Do you own an Ugly Stik? If so, then already know what they are capable of. If not, you may want to have a test run with one. You shouldn't be disappointed.

Don't get yourself whooped up on by the 'Ugly Stik'. Be sure you are the one sticking it to 'em. Good luck freshwater fishing and laying the smack down!

Want more ugly?

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Ugly Stick Warranty Questions

1976 Ugly Stik Manufacture Date Info

Shakespeare Ugly Stik Freshwater Fishing RodShakespeare Ugly Stik Freshwater Fishing Rod

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