Warranty Question For Shakespeare Ugly Stik Fishing Rod?

by Dana

I was hooked into a steelhead last year and my Ugly Stik rod broke on me. It is 4 years old. Is there a warranty on this?

Ugly Stik Warranty Answer

Hey Dana,

Thanks for your question.

Yes, there should be a warranty for your Ugly Stik rod.

I went to the Shakespeare fishing website to look for their warranty information, but it seems like they have taken that section down. So I went to their contact page to find a telephone number and then called their Parts and Repair department at 800-466-5643.

UPDATE: It looks like Shakespeare has updated their website with a new look and info. The Shakespeare warranty section can be found here.

They state that their Ugly Stik fishing rods come with a 5 to 7 year warranty, depending on the type of rod.

You used to be able to send them a note along with the rod. On the note, you would need to include the following information:
  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Purchase/Gift Date (no receipt necessary)
  • What happened/How it broke
* Also include a check for $9.95 for Shipping & Handling and send to the following address:

1900 18th Street
Spirit Lake, Utah

They would then inspect the rod themselves to determine if the break looks like it happened while fishing with it, or if it was deliberately broken another way or cut with something.

If you would like to, feel free to head over to their website and call to see if this is still an option, and for confirmation to be sure that the address and other information is accurate.

Updated Warranty & Service Information

So now it seems like they have
made it easier for everybody to fulfill a warranty. They want you to email them at shakespeare {at} purefishing {dot} com with the following info:
  • Photograph of rod clearly showing brand and model – directly above handle
  • Photograph clearly showing the broken area(s) of the rod
  • Copy of the dated receipt or proof of purchase
  • A brief description of how your rod broke
  • Your address and a daytime contact number
And you will still be required to pay the $9.95US or $10.55CAD processing fee.

Shakespeare Warranty & Service
(800) 466-5643

My experience dealing with a damaged Ugly Stik rod

By the way, a few years ago I had to return an Ugly Stik fishing rod myself...

I bought the rod brand new and took it out for a day of fishing at one of my favorite lakes. As I was fishing, my line snapped as I hooved a cast out. I thought the line breakage may have been because I was using too big of a swim bait and the line wasn't heavy enough.

I retied and began fishing again. Oddly enough, the line began to fray. Wouldn't you know it, another lure broken off.

I inspected the rod and found that the line guide on the tip of the rod was broke, which was why the line was fraying. I'm not sure if that happened because I slapped the rod tip on the concrete, or if I bought it that way.

Anyways, I returned to the store that I purchased it from and let them know what was wrong with it. And without any question or problems, they said go ahead and grab another, and then I was on my way back to the water again.

In the meantime, best of luck freshwater fishing!
Regards, Jason

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Rod tip goes in water
by: Fimps

I got my BWC1102 12'0" Ugly Stik for Christmas in 2012 at Bi-Mart in The Dalles, Oregan. While fishing for sturgeon in the Columbia River I went to cast and my rod split at the ferrule(where the top half slides into the bottom half). The top half went into the water along with my gear, and because it broke my line off at the reel I wasn't able to retrieve the top half. I was wondering if you folks could warranty my rod.

Why does Canadian warranty differ?
by: Bert Carle

In reading the warranty on my Ugly Stik I see that the Canadian warranty requires a proof of purchase, but the U.S. warranty does not. Seems very unfair.

The Canadian warranty will accept photos to show damage which should be included as a shipping cost to Utah from Canada. My uninsured parcel cost is $53.00 plus the $9.95 fee. This is to get a warranty on a $50.00 rod.

Also, after 2 years who keeps a proof of purchase?

I would appreciate a response from the Shakespeare Warranty Department.

by: Jason


First of all, sorry to hear that your rod broke.

To seek a warranty for your rod, you will need to go through Shakespeare. Their contact info along with the necessary steps to take can be seen above.


by: Jason


I've just read over the warranty terms a couple of times that they have listed on their warranty and service page at the Shakespeare fishing website. But I don't see anything stating that ONLY Canada is required to provide proof of purchase. As a matter of fact, it clearly states that a "Copy of the dated receipt or proof of purchase" is needed to help take care of your warranty claim as efficiently as possible.

I agree with you that not many people are going to keep a receipt for an inexpensive fishing pole for that long. Who knows, they still might warrant you for your rod. The proof of purchase just seems to help the process run smoother.

We would be interested to know what happens with your situation, especially since it seems that you're paying more for the shipping and processing than what the fishing rod is worth. hopefully they upgrade or compensate you well.


Shipping Cost
by: Anonymous

Shipping Cost is $10CAD. there is no additional parcel cost.

by: Bob

The only cost if it's under warranty is the processing fee of $9.95 US or $10.55 CAD. There is no additional shipping or parcel costs. That $10.55CAD covers the shipping cost.

Shipping Fees
by: Anonymous

Question, if my pole is still under warranty and Shakespeare customer service rep has as for the return of the pole, would I have to pay for shipping back the pole plus the $9.95? Don't know how they even got such a good deal on shipping cost... for me it is about $30 for shipping two poles back with gross weight of 5 lbs from Cali. Would Shakespeare help with shipping cost if that is the case?

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Ugly Stik Lite Guide Wear

I was surprised to see that the guides on my Ugly Stik Lite fishing rod have grooves in them already after only 2 years of use! Is this normal, or warranty worthy? I do not use braided line either.

Please advise,

Ugly Stik Lite fishing rods

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by: Jason

According to their Rods Warranty terms found on the Ugly Stik website, there seems to be some confusion for what would be covered under their warranty...

In one paragraph, their warranty terms state that they warrant their rods free from material defects or workmanship for a period of 1 year. But the next paragraph it states a 5 or 7 year warranty, depending on the type of Ugly Stik. I'm sure the paperwork that comes with the fishing rod at the time of purchase will provide the warranty information for that particular rod.

But, here's the real catch...

Their terms also state that they are not responsible for normal wear and tear.

It's possible that with the fishing line constantly running through the guides while fishing, and causing grooves to form, would be considered normal wear and tear.

However, you could argue that the grooves were formed due to defective material. I think it's worth a shot to get in contact with them.

~ Jason

by: AnonMark Hauspie ymous

I purchased a 7 foot Ugly Stik rod in March of 1978. At that time, they advertised that they were unbreakable. And they also provided a free lifetime over-the-counter replacement to the original owner.

Well on December 2nd, 2021, I broke the lower shaft while fishing. Just wondering if they will still honor their early warranty?... because in 1978, there was no time limit to the warranty.

Great respectful product - owners advice was excellent!
by: Stephen Robinson

Just want to say thank you very much for all customer input so as to learn new warranty process and web site. Shakespeare/Ugly Stik should be so graciously impressed and proud to have great customers like yourselves!
Kudos to all!!!
Thank you,
Stephen P. Robinson

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