Ugly Stick Fishing Rod
The Shakespeare "Ugly Stik"

For over three decades and running, the ugly stick fishing rod (Shakespeare's "Ugly Stik") have been the #1 selling line of fishing poles of all time.

Why? Because these Shakespeare rods are built incredibly strong and are virtually unbreakable.

Shakespeare Ugly Stik Freshwater Fishing RodShakespeare Ugly Stik Freshwater Fishing Rod

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A Little Ugly Stik History

What has defined them to become so greatly established as one of the best fishing equipment manufactures in the world? Well, let's have a quick walk back in time for some history on Shakespeare fishing tackle.

Shakespeare first presented the Ugly Stik tubular fishing rod in 1976. The rod blanks were designed using the exclusive patented Howald Process, which was the first to have a clear tip and ferruless construction.

Shakespeare has continued to revolutionize the fishing tackle industry over the years with various freshwater fishing and saltwater rod blanks. Their awesome line of fishing rods range from small light action ice fishing rods, all the way up to big game heavy action deep water tackle rods.

They also include children's kits like the Warner Brothers "Looney Tunes" brand, such as Scooby Doo, Lightning McQueen, and Barbie. Not only do they have the Ugly Stik Jr. line for the kids, they also have the Lady Stik line for our lovely women. Also available are various rod and real combos and accessory kits to meet many other needs desired by all fishermen alike.

Ugly Stik Fishing Rod Construction

What the heck makes an ugly stick fishing rod so freaking tough? The design and manufacturing of most of the Ugly Stik rods is what has led to give these fishing rods their proven reputation of being virtually unbreakable.

They contain a graphite core which is covered by a fiberglass (E-Glass) outer layer. But, it doesn't just stop there. The blanks continue down through the handle, which adds more strength and backbone through the rod.

These fishing rods also have an epoxy coating to help protect it from the sun's UV rays, and from wear and tear from excessive use and abuse of banging it around.

Additional Ugly Stik Accessories

As already mentioned, some Ugly Stik's are constructed of one solid ferruless blank. However, many others are built with ferrules to enable them to be broken down for the ease of transportation, while not sacrificing their durability and much strength.

Most, but not all, have twist and lock reel seats for quick and easy reel changes, and securing your reels firmly in place.

I enjoy the comfort of the cork grip handles. And many are offered with lightweight EVA foam grips, which are just as comfortable, sturdy, and long lasting.

Ugly Stik Rods With EVA Foam Grip Handles and Twist N' Lock Reel SeatsUgly Stik Rods With EVA Foam Grip Handles & Twist N' Lock Reel Seats

Wrappin' Up With The Ugly Stik

It seems that many people think that the Shakespeare Ugly Stik is literally an ugly looking fishing rod. That is a matter of opinion. I personally really like the look of these rods. Besides, they come in different colored wraps and a variety of colored blanks to choose from.

The ugly stick fishing rod is versatile and durable. They have excellent sensitivity to be able to feel the slightest bumps at depths of a couple hundred feet down in deep water, yet the power and backbone to battle and haul in those big trophy sized sport fish.

Bottom Line: You can knock the snot and ugliness out of those big heavy hitting fish that roam around the depths of your favorite freshwater fishing and saltwater holes with an Ugly Stik. Good luck and have a blast!

3 Shakespeare Ugly Stik RodsA Few Ugly Stik Rods From Our Shakepeare Fishing Tackle Collection

By the way, I own a few Ugly Stik rods and have been very pleased with their performance. I haven't ever had a problem with their ability to land all sorts and sizes of fish.

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