Ugly Stik Fishing Rod Manufacture Age

I have an Ugly Stik fishing rod that I swear I bought before 1976. It has what I call a pistol composite grip.

Actually, our weather is too hot for me to go out to the garage and get it.

How accurate is the 1976 original manufacturer date?

~Carl Becker

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Ugly Stik manufacturer date
by: Jason


Although Shakespeare Company (originally called William Shakespeare, Jr. Company) was founded in 1897, it wasn't until 1976 that they first released the introduction of the Ugly Stik rod.

Therefore, I would have to say that your rod with the 1976 dated time stamp is a quite accurate manufacture date. (Probably not what you were hoping to hear...?)

Additional information about their history, construction, and durability can be found by checking out our Ugly Stik fishing rod reviews.

~ Jason

I have a first year ugly stick spinning rod.
by: Anonymous

1976. The cork has worn off but you can still take it fishing. Reminds me of my 1973 Buick Century. I went off the road in a snowstorm and hit a tree. The engine never stopped running. A tow truck pulled me out and I drove away.

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