Freshwater Fishing Tips
Learn To Know How To Catch More Fish

Ready to have a blast out on the water? Heck yeah, right?

Well, freshen up with a few of these freshwater fishing tips to help you prepare for a much more efficient trip to your favorite fishing hole.

Whether it's your first time fishing, or you have many years of experience, it's still best to understand and learn as much as you can about the awesome sport of angling. This includes such things as developing your techniques, to the safety for yourself and the others around you.

General Freshwater Fishing Tips

Planning ahead is usually key for an easy going and stress free freshwater fishing trip.

The following are just some things to plan on...

Research the water where you want to fish:

  • Check tides and currents.
  • Look at the structure.
  • Use geographical water maps and GPS navigational electronics.

Weather conditions:

  • Dressing appropriately.
  • Weather plays a part for fish behavior.

The species of fish you want to catch:

  • Determine the proper tackle to use.
  • Choose baits and lures that targets to the species.

Organizing your tackle:

  • Clean and lube your gear.
  • Fresh fishing line on reels.
  • Sharpen your hooks.

How long you plan to fish:

  • Stay hydrated.
  • Take snacks and plenty of food.

Detailed Tips For Freshwater Fishing

The fishing tips listed above are really general, and somewhat obvious things to do for many fishermen. Freshwater fishing has a wide range of fishing opportunities. So to provide better tips and techniques about freshwater fishing, it's a little easier to break it down geared towards the types of fish that are on your "hit list" for busting.

Below are links to just a few of our pages that have some fishing tips for a variety of fish that roam in fresh water. You'll find some nice tips on each of these pages, and can find even more gems on their corresponding pages also.

Fishing Hook Tips:

Freshwater Fishing Fish Species Tips:

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