Bluegill Fishing Tips To Locate Them And Simple Tactics For Catching These Sunfish

Are you looking to put a whooping on them sunfish?

These bluegill fishing tips will provide you with some of the best knowledge and preparation for successfully catching more of them. And hopefully more often.

Good old fashion freshwater fishing for panfish doesn't always require a whole lot of skill.

More like luck? Many people seem to believe so.

However, it definitely helps to know what the heck you are doing out there on the water.

Sure, you can usually manage to catch a few bluegill here and there at just about any given moment of time. But, wouldn't you rather slam one after another almost all the time?

Absolutely! As promised, here are a few bluegill fishing tips to help you sling more of them into your boat.

Bluegill fishermen on a boat - photo credit WDNRSeasoned Fishermen Catching Bluegill From Their Boat

Tips On Fishing 6 Prime Locations For Bluegill

Fishing Around Boat Docks For Bluegills

Boat docks and ramps are one of the easiest targets. Just about everybody fishes them.

There should usually be a few bluegill under or around the edges of most docks and old boat ramps. Look to see if there is plenty of cover underneath for them to swim through, and any types of brush surrounding the edges such as tully bushes and underwater weeds.

One of my favorite spots that I hit up is at a couple of old boat ramps that are no longer operable. I can usually count on bluegill, and even crappie or black bass hanging out there.

Bridges For Bluegill Fishing

Bluegill can also be found underneath bridges. The best areas will be on the shady side, and around the pilings. They tend to be attracted to the artificial physical structures. Fish these areas, as well as up shallow and along any weed lines that are present.

Dam Them Bluegill

Other physical structures to focus on would be dams. Bluegills can be found a little deeper at the dam face. Start tossing some jigs or one of your favorite lures that has a fairly good sink rate with plenty of action. Big lunker bluegill can often be found in about 10 to 20 feet of water below the dam.

Bluegill Like Grassy Structures

Shallow weed lines will often hold bluegill. Fishing tips for this are to fish parallel to these weed lines near the shoreline. Don't spend too much time in one spot. Continue working the beds until you get bit. Most of the time, when you find one bluegill, more than likely you have found a school of them. Just continue casting out to the same spot until you have had your fill.

Underwater brush piles, especially ones that may seem to be hidden from public circulated maps, are awesome fish magnets. Stumble upon one of these and you should be in sunfish paradise. Isolated humps that contain weeds, submerged trees, fallen timber, and most any other types of structure are always a good bet to hold panfish.

Bluegill Fishing 'Flattery'

You can't go wrong working the shallow flats, especially in the summer when insects and larvae hatchlings are plentiful. The bluegill like to feed on the bugs and insects that sit on the surface of the water. This is an excellent opportunity to start busting those aggressive bluegill with your top water lures like nymph flies and small poppers.

Your Secret Spots For Bluegill Fishing And Tips

I personally have a handful of favorite honey holes for bluegill fishing, some of which I've already mentioned above.

There's another spot in particular that blew me away when I first came across it. I found it in a desolated area where boats can't really access it well. There's a small island about 20 feet from the shoreline, and it's about 50 feet long. The water in between is only about 2 to 4 feet deep. There are a whole lot of bluegill and some small juvenile bass that roam in and out through there. I simply cast out a red wiggler worm out under a small bobber and bang out one bluegill after another. What a blast for me and my two boys!

So, my tip is this. If you can discover your own secluded secret fishing spot that produces plenty of fish, then get after. And try not to disclose your secret location to anybody else. Otherwise, they might tell somebody else who would tell another person, and so forth. And before you know it, your spot is no longer a secret and is getting fished out by everybody and their mother.

These are just a few key bluegill fishing tips listed here on this page. Many more helpful tips, techniques and tactics can be found on our other bluegill fishing pages. In the meantime, good luck freshwater fishing!

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