Bass Fishing Tips To Become A Better Freshwater Fishing Bass Angler

Do you wish you could be catching more fish? Of course, we all do.

Sharpen your inner bass master with our sensational bass fishing tips and tricks to get back to laying the smack down on those candy ass fish.

You may already know about some of these, but do you implement them regularly? Either way, this page will serve as a friendly little reminder of the tactics you could and should be using.

So, here's a few to get you going to help you catch more and bigger bass like the best of them...

Bass Fishing Equipment Tips

Your freshwater fishing equipment and tackle is one of the most important aspects for fishing. It's a good idea to keep it organized, clean and proper maintenance on a regular basis.

Organization Is Key

Organizing your tackle can save you a lot of frustration and time out on the water.

  • Always make sure all your hooks are sharp.
  • Keep your lines fresh, and respool your reels as needed.
  • Make sure your fishing reels are operating clean and smoothly, and properly lubed.
  • Check your rods for cracks or broken guides.
  • Use the appropriate tackle boxes to protect and organize your tackle.

Selecting Proper Bass Fishing Lures

These bass fishing tips for your proper lure selection will also help to increase your odds of catching more fish. What it really comes down to is to match the hatch.

Look at what kinds of bait fish are in the water. Determine the size and colors of them and pick a lure which resembles something as close to that as possible.

You can also try out some crayfish replicas if there's any there in the water.

Also, once you have caught some bass, sometimes you can see what they have spit up, or look down into their mouth to see if you can see anything that they may have just ate. This should help you figure out what might be your bass fishing best lures to use.

When fishing in heavily pressured waters, it's best to downsize. Think small! The fish will be much more cautious. Use lighter test fishing line and scale down on your lures. You may break off and lose a fish here and there, but it's necessary to downsize, and well worth it too. This is when finesse fishing would be effective.

Tips About Using Scents For Bass Fishing

There are scent attractors and scent stimulators. Manufactures claim that the attractors are meant to attract the fish, and stimulators are meant to trigger a feeding frenzy. This is an arguable subject among many anglers, if these scent products really work.

Fish are turned off from human odors and man made products left on us. Therefore, I suggest to use fish attracting scents primarily as masking agents to hide those smells and odors that fish aren't crazy about.

Tips On Eyewear For Bass Fishing

The use of polarized fishing sunglasses will not only eliminate the glare from the sun off of the water but, they will also allow you to see into the water. You'll be amazed at what more you are able to see lurking around. You'll be able to look deeper at plant vegetation or further out. This is especially good to use for sight fishing.

Best Times To Fish For Bass

Plan your freshwater fishing trips around the best times of the year and the time of the day.

You can catch bass all year long, however, you'll catch more during the spawning seasons and the hotter days of summer. Early mornings and late evenings are good for top water plugs, while mid days are nice for cranking sub surface lures.

During those hot summer days, you'll want to catch the transition period between dark and daylight - approximately around 4 A.M. to 7 A.M.

Using a variety of top water lures, fish the edges of cover and brush in the shallow areas of water. The odds are that you'll be one of the only fishermen out on the water that early in the morning, making it one of the best times to be bass fishing.

Use slower presentations in colder water, such as worms, jigs, or jerk baits.

How Birds Relate To Fishing

Look around for birds hitting the water picking off schools of bait fish. Usually, the bass will be there breaking on the bait fish as well, or they shouldn't be far behind. Start tossing your lures and you should be in luck.

Birds Picking off Fish out of the Water

But wait! Don't just cast right in the dead center of the school of bait fish. That will just spook them too much. You should cast on either side of the school and then you should be able to start cranking them in.

More Advice On Freshwater Fishing For Bass

These are just a few of our bass fishing tips, and there are many more scattered around this site as well. Apply them, and you should be catching more fish on your next trip out on the water.

Locals Advice And Tips For Bass Fishing

Talk to some of the local fishermen.

Since locals know the area, they should be able to easily, and most often, readily offer up some excellent tips and advice. They should be able to let you know about the general weather and water conditions, what the bass are feeding on throughout the year at a particular body of water, and anything else worth noting to give you an edge.

If you meet the right people, they just might tip you off about their own secret fishing spots.

Best Advisable Bass Fishing Tips

The best advice that I can offer though, is that you will definitely become a much better angler with the more time and experience that you have on the water.

I learn more and more each and every time that I go out fishing, and I make it a point to learn. Otherwise, what would be the point, right? You'll just drive yourself crazy and insane - doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results.

One final note, make sure that you are having a good time. Enjoy it with your friends, family and children. Good luck bass fishing and have a blast freshwater fishing!

Do you have any freshwater bass fishing tips that you would like to share with us and our readers? We would love to include them. Contribute your freshwater fishing tips with us and check out what others have added too.

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