Guide For Choosing Fishing Tackle Boxes

Are you shopping for new fishing tackle boxes?

Stumped or unsure about which size, color or brand to buy?

What's the big deal?... it's just a tackle box, right?

Well, yes and no.

Tackle boxes are like little commitments for you and your tackle. You want something that is going to provide organization and ease of use. Something that's efficient and that you can rely on.

There are so many times that anglers will just pick out a new tackle box from the shelf because it looks cool. But when they get home and start to organize their fishing tackle in it, they realize that it's not exactly what they want or need.

So, I've put together a quick little buyers beware guide on some of the most common mistakes that fishermen make when selecting new tackle boxes for fishing.

4 Main Factors For Picking Out A Tackle Box

1. Durability of Tackle Boxes

I look for durability in the construction of the tackle box. If I can stand on it without any give or the feeling that it's about to collapse from under me, then I know that it's built quite well. (Be careful with doing this in a store. If you break it then you'll have to pay for it, and possibly hurt yourself in the process. Therefore, I'm not advising for you to do this.)

More than likely, it will get banged around a little or dropped on the ground. I want to be sure that when that happens then my equipment inside of the box will be protected.

2. Organization Options For Tackle Boxes

Organization is very important. After all, it is the main purpose for a tackle box. What would you do without any place to store your gear, and neatly too.

Excellent fishing tackle boxes should have all the bells and whistles that you would need and want. Your options should include, levels of trays, adjustable slots, various compartments, comfortable handles and secure latches. Again, it should be determined by you and how you fish.

3. Waterproof Tackle Boxes

Have you ever planned on going freshwater fishing, then opened up your tackle box to take inventory only to find that all your tackle has been rusted? That is one of the worst feelings of disappointment.

How could that have happened? Either from the rain, or a big wake from the water, or maybe the box was submerged in water. Regardless, it still sucks.

Most tackle boxes seem to be waterproof. The only way water will get inside is if it's open or submerged. If that happens,... well, then it is what it is.

If you know that you'll be out facing the elements, then it would be smart to make sure that you do have waterproof fishing equipment.

4. Tackle Boxes Guarantee of Excellence

Check to see if the manufacture provides a statement of guarantee. Determine what does it guarantee? And how long the guarantee is for?

If the guarantee is short, like a couple of months, then the company probably doesn't back their product much because it just might be complete junk.

A long term guarantee like a couple of years to even a lifetime shows that the company has 100% confidence in what they are selling to the consumer, to us, the fisherman. A guarantee like this says a whole lot.

Shopping Guide For Buying Fishing Tackle Boxes

  • What size tackle box will be the right fit for you?
  • Are you looking to upgrade to a large tackle box?
  • Wanting something smaller?
  • A new replacement?
  • What fish species do you target? And how often?
  • Will you be fishing from a boat or the shore?
  • How much tackle do you actually need to take with you?

These are questions that you should consider. A trout fisherman isn't going to want to lug around a bulky box of gear while wading in a stream. And a bass angler will most likely want to make sure that he/she has everything they need for any type of situation while out in the middle of a lake on the boat.

Therefore, you'll want to consider the size and the frequency of using it.

You've invested a lot of money in your tackle, so it shouldn't hurt to invest a little more to protect it... invest in your investments! ;-)

Purchasing Your Next Tackle Box

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