Choosing A New Large Tackle Box
Big To Huge Fishing Tackle Boxes

Have a lot of fishing tackle? Looking for a better way to get it all organized?

A large tackle box might be just what the doctor ordered.

Instead of fumbling around with two, three or four different small boxes of fishing tackle, why not store and organize all the tackle that you would need into one simple box. It's much less of a head ache.

One box takes up less space. So, it won't be in the way when you don't need it to be. And you'll know that whatever you're looking for could only be inside that box, except the fish - you actually have to drop the tackle in the water to get to the fish. ;-)

Large tackle box on big wheels with a handle.

Large Tackle Box Shopping and Buying Tips

There are quite a few companies that manufacture big tackle boxes. Some of the best include...

There are other companies that make tackle boxes, bags, backpacks and other storage solutions too, but, I've found that the companies listed above seem to be the best at creating better storage solutions, including those huge tackle boxes.

How big of a tackle box do you need?

When shopping for new tackle boxes, I like to be sure that they're a little bigger than what I need at that time. You just never know when you will need that extra storage.

I try to factor in the amount of times and how much tackle I buy when restocking my fishing supplies. Before I know it I've outgrown my tackle box. But, there does come a time for a little tackle box spring cleaning – out with the old and in with the new.

Go big or go home!

Get a large tackle box and be done with it. =)

Shopping Online For Big Tackle Boxes

Bass Pro Shops is my favorite store to shop and buy most of my freshwater fishing equipment... Yes, of course they have tackle boxes. Have a look for yourself. Be sure to check out their top sellers and customer reviews to give yourself an idea of what's hot and what to avoid. Oh yeah, did I mention that they have great deals, killer sales, and cool offers like free shipping.

You might even want to try your luck at Ebay. Just because the stuff being auctioned off and sold from their website isn't brand spanking new does not mean that it's junk. Not at all. People have some really nice things for sell there. Just be sure to check the sellers reputation grade before putting in a bid. Good luck.

Purchasing Your Next Tackle Box

Bass Pro Shops carries some of the biggest brands of tackle storage solutions. Be sure to check out their top selling products and read through the customer reviews to get a better idea about those items you're interested in...

Bass Pro Shops now offers FREE shipping to their stores! See website for details!

Shop their inventory of Tackle Boxes here.


You can find many of those same cool Tackle Boxes on Amazon too.


Consider shopping for new and used fishing organization equipment being auctioned off online. You can find some awesome deals and steals for just a fraction of the price of what you would normally pay for retail.

Score amazing deals on new and used tackle boxes on Ebay.

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