Top 3 Bass Fishing Rods Every Serious Bass Fisherman Should Own

There are three kinds of bass fishing rods that will accommodate the main categories of targeting fish throughout the water column.

Basically, lures are presented on top, throughout the middle, and down along the bottom. Therefore, selecting and using the right style of a bass fishing rod for each one of those fishing tactics will provide more success with attracting, hooking into, and landing more fish.

There are some great bass rods that are versatile enough to handle fishing methods such as cranking a crankbait, burning a buzz bait, twitching a top water plug, jerking a jerk bait, bouncing a creature bait, jigging a jig, or finessing a plastic worm.

However, those versatile types of rods won't do any of those to a sufficient maximum degree.

Of course there are specialty rods that are crafted specifically for any type of bass fishing technique. Those fishing rods will provide optimal performance for what they are designed to do.

Recommended Bass Fishing Rods

The following are three of the best rods for bass fishing that perform extremely well and efficiently for their specific given purpose.

Multi-Purpose Fishing Bass Rod

G. Loomis E6X Casting Rod

You can't go wrong with a multi-purpose fishing rod. These allow you to do a little bit of everything, from jigging worms, spinner baits, crank baits, drop shot, top water, and all that jazz.

These have fuji guides and fuji reel seats. The blanks are lighter and stronger, with cork grip handles with the option of a split grip or full grip, all matched together for superior sensitivity and a comfortable balance.

The E6X series is also available in a staggering 30 different technique specific actions as well.

G. Loomis E6X Casting Rod

G. Loomis E6X Casting Rod

The G. Loomis E6X is an affordable Casting Rod offered in technique specific models. G. Loomis uses a proprietary blank material on E6X rods that fuses, high performance G. Loomis materials with low resin content...

Sub-Surface Fishing Bass Rod

Quantum Tour Kevin VanDam Crankin' Rod

You should know that if KVD is involved, then it must be great. Quantum and Kevin VanDam teamed up in the lab together to custom design the perfect formula for a crank bait fishing rod. It's no fluke that these two have become recognized as elite forces within the sport of smallmouth and largemouth bass fishing.

Check out the video below to find out what composites the blank is constructed of, what features are included with it, the 6 available sizes, which is KVD's favorite go-to bass fishing rod, why, and more. These are generously priced to sell quickly at around $150 on a normal average retail price.

Finesse Fishing Bass Rod

Quantum Energy PT Rod

These Energy series fishing rods are super lightweight. Their virtually weightless feel provides superior comfort to allow you to fish longer without getting as tired and worn out as a fisherman would encounter with any other ordinary finesse fishing rod.

These fishing rods are equipped with fast action tips to give it the sensitivity of feeling what your lure is bouncing off of, and superb for feeling the slightest tick when a fish strikes your lure.

Don't let their lightweight construction fool ya', these finesse style fishing rods have the power you would want for driving the hook home, and the backbone to bring those feisty fighting smallmouth and largemouth bass straight to you. Expect to pay around $270

Quantum Energy PT/Bass Pro Shops Bionic Blade Spinning Rod and Reel Combo - C - 6'6'' - ML

Quantum Energy PT/Bass Pro Shops Bionic Blade Spinning Rod and Reel Combo - C - 6'6'' - ML

Smoothness that seems so natural. A great setup for finesse work, as well as everyday monster hunting. Our Quantum Energy PT/Bass Pro Shops Bionic Blade Spinning Rod and Reel Combo makes it all seem easy.

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