How To Tie An Arbor Knot

The arbor knot is about the best type of knot to tie your fishing line to the spool of your fishing reels.

This fishing knot is great to use on just about every kind of reel - spinning reels, fly reels, bait casting reels, and spin cast reels.

You can find fishing reels that are already pre-spooled. But, eventually you will need to know how to properly tie a good knot to re-spool fresh line back onto your reels...

And this is the right knot for just that purpose.

One of the main things to understand about tying this knot is trying to get the knot as closely snug and secure to the spool as possible. If the line isn't snug enough and a fish takes out all of your line down to the spool, it could be a little difficult to start reeling that line back onto the spool. The spool will spin as the line just sits there.

This fishing knot is actually quite easy and simple to tie. It basically consists of just two overhand knots - one overhand knot over the main line, and another overhand knot directly behind that first knot.

Arbor Knot Tied to a Shimano Spinning Reel Spool

Arbor Knot Tying Instructions


1. Wrap the line around the spool of the fishing reel.

Wrapping fishing line around the arbor or the reel.

2. Run the tag end under or over the main line. I chose to go under as you can see here in the picture below.

The tag end should extend past the main line by a few inches.

3. Wrap the tag end over the main lines coming from the spool.

Wrapping a loop to illustrate tying the arbor knot

4. Insert the tag end into and out of the loop that you just created.

Illustration for first overhand knot for the Arbor Knot

5. The first overhand knot is complete. You can begin working it close to the spool. It should just easily slip to it by pulling on the line.

Begin cinching the knot close to the spool

6. Begin tying the second overhand knot...

Tie a second overhand knot past the first one.

7. This time just tie it solely on it's own line.

Two overhand knots to make an arbor knot fit securely to the spool of the fishing reel.

8. Keep the knots loose as you work them close to the spool. Be sure to moisten them with water or saliva.

Snugging the Overhand Knots to the Arbor

9. Snug the knots up to the reel and pull to tighten. Clip the excess line up to about an eighth of an inch near the knot.

How to Tie Arbor Knot Instructions

There you have it!... you've successfully managed to tie an arbor knot. All that you have left to do is reel the line onto the spool, rig it up with your favorite fishing lure, and then hit the water for a little freshwater fishing action.

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