What You Should Expect From
Boron Fishing Rods

Planning on buying boron fishing rods? Or building your own rods using boron fiber composite blanks? Is boron the best choice for you? Let's have a look.

This short little guide is intended to help you out with making a better choice to better suit your freshwater fishing needs.

But first, I have a quick question. What exactly are you expecting to acquire about boron fishing rods?

Well okay, let's get down to it.

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Boron IIIx fishing rod made by R.L. Winston.Boron IIIx Fishing Rod Manufactured by R.L. Winston.

Brief History Of Boron

First of all, a little history lesson if you don't mind. Boron is another material used for aerospace technology. So, again, rod manufactures thought it would be a great idea to incorporate boron fiber composites into rod building. Why? Hang on, I'll get to that in just a moment.

Don Phillips invented the first boron fly fishing rod in 1971. And then the boron/graphite hybrid fly rod later on. By 1974, boron rods were being manufactured and introduced to the fishing world. At this time, boron was only available in longitudinal strips and needed another material, which happened to be graphite, to help support it.

Boron Rod Construction

Then, and even now, boron blanks are usually constructed consisting of mostly graphite, or sometimes fiberglass. The amount of boron in so called boron rods is usually less that 25 percent. And many boron rods don't even contain nearly that much boron material.

Boron fibers are extremely stiff, light and expensive. Most often now, boron is used merely in the butt end sections of fishing poles. And some fishing rod blanks will have a layer or so of boron with other materials like graphite wrapped around it. The boron adds to the power and strength, and its stiffness allows for a fast action of recovery from a bend of the rod.

The Future Of Boron Rods

Boron fishing rods were a hot and trendy item for a while. But, the boron era died off around the mid 80's. And then, new technology had begun to develop with the incorporation of other materials with graphite into fishing poles.

Manufactures have been attempting to bring back the popularity of boron. As technology continues to evolve, new ways are being developed to incorporate the use of boron into their rods. A few manufacturing companies that produce boron fishing rods include R.L. Winston, Browning, and Shakespeare. Some boron rods that are commonly turned out are fly rods, spinning rods, and baitcasting rods.

Additional Tips About Boron Rods

Are you a rod builder and considering using boron to build a new rod? Well, another thing to understand is that boron can be a challenge to work with. It is very brittle and light weight, so rather than using the material alone as a full cloth, it would be ideally better to incorporate it with a cloth of another material such as graphite or fiberglass.

Here is the big question... Why pay more for an item like boron when you can get something less costly that will provide the same results using other materials, right?

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