Uni Knot Tying Instructions
Freshwater Fishing to Saltwater Fly Fishing

Learn how to tie the uni knot with our easy to follow fishing knot tying instructions including pictures to follow along with step-by-step.

The uni (Duncan) knot is accredited to being invented by Norman Duncan, whom was a saltwater fly fisherman. Some fishermen also refer to it as the Duncan Loop or even the Grinner Knot.

This fishing knot is great for connecting fishing line to terminal tackle, such as hooks, split rings on lures, and swivels. It's also a good knot to tie two lines together, which is actually known as the double uni or uni to uni. And some even use this knot to secure their line to their fishing reels.

This knot might seem a little difficult at first. But with a little practice, it should be an easy fishing knot to tie after a couple of tries to become familiar with it.

How To Tie The Uni Knot

Steps For Tying The Uni Knot:

1. Pass the tag end through the eye hole and double the fishing line back down to create an elongated "s" shaped looking loop.

How to Tie the Duncan Loop Fishing Knot

2. Run the tag end over the standing lines of the first loop nearest the eye hole.

Tying the Uni (Duncan Loop) Knot

3. Run the tag end under that loop and insert it through the other loop hole to begin a wrap.

Start the wrap for the uni knot

4. Begin wrapping the tag end around the main lines and through the loop.

Wrapping the Fishing Line For the Tying the Knot

5. Wrap the line about 5 to 6 times. For heavier fishing lines, you can choose to use about 3 to 4 wraps.

The Uni getting all Wrapped up Fishing Knot

6. Lubricate the line at the knot and begin cinching it down. The knot can remain away from the hook or lure end, which is like a hangman's noose.

Cinching down the uni knot to strengthen.

7. As the knot is cinched down, firmly secure it close to the eye hole. Clip the tag end and you're done.

Uni Knot for Freshwater Fishing and saltwater fly fishing knots

That's it, the widely popular Uni (Duncan Loop) Knot! You're all set to get back out on the water. Hook 'em up!

Also see the double uni knot for tying two fishing lines together.

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