Bass Scales To Accurately Weigh Your Fish

There are many bass scales to choose from. But, which fish scale would be the best suited for you?

Have you been freshwater fishing and catching fish, but aren't exactly sure of their weight? Or just looking to upgrade to a new or better scale?

Well, we'll help to weigh the options.

It's a bit crazy how often I see pictures of proud anglers holding their largemouth bass and claim that it's a big lunker around 10 pounds, when it obviously doesn't even come close to being a 5 pounder.

Yeah, fish tales are fun to hear,... sometimes. But c'mon, keep it real! If they only had weighed it on a fish scale to absolutely remove any doubt... at least for themselves, let alone the obvious and for the trained eye.

What better way to get the feel of guesstimating the size and weight of a nice quality fish than to actually get some experience with using a bass fishing scale. Then after a while, it almost becomes like second nature when pulling your prized trophies out of the water.

Top 5 Rated Bass Scales According To Customers

1.) Mango Spot LCD Electronic Balance Digital Fishing Hook Hanging Scale 50kg, 10g

  • Highly accurate 110 pound fish scale
  • Memory for heaviest weight
  • Weigh multiple fish at the same time
  • Automatic calculation with digital readout
  • Stainless steel hook
  • Powered by 2 AAA batteries
  • Multi-purpose scale for fishing and home personal use

2.) Esky 110lb/50kg LCD Digital Scale with Measuring Tape

  • Blue LCD back light display
  • Multi functional for outdoors, kitchen, home use
  • Measuring tape, tare zero, auto off, data lock
  • 2 AAA batteries (included)

3.) Weston 20 Pound Spring and Hook ScaleWeston 20 Pound Spring and Hook Scale

Weston 20 Pound Spring and Hook ScaleWeston 20 Pound Spring and Hook ScaleWeston 20 Pound Spring
and Hook Scale

  • Anodized Aluminum body to prevent rusting
  • Stainless Steel hook and spring
  • Non slip grip
  • Has a sliding indicator to accurately mark weight

4.) American Weigh SR-5 Digital Hanging Fish ScaleBass Scales

Bass ScalesAmerican Weigh SR-5
Digital Hanging Fish Scale

  • Nicely back lit LCD screen for optimal reading measurements
  • Displays readings for pounds, ounces and kilograms
  • Has a retracting handle and hook slips away behind scale for easy compact storage and portability
  • Comes with 2 AAA batteries
  • Backed by a prestigious 10 year warranty

5.) Boga Grip 130 30lb ScaleBass Scales, Boga Grip

Bass Scales, Boga GripBogaGrip
30lb Fish Scale

  • Awesome Big Game Lip Grip for those Heavy Hitters
  • Stainless steel components for corrosion resistance, which adheres great for saltwater and freshwater fishing applications
  • Displays readings for pounds, ounces and kilograms
  • Has a superb locking jaw action

More Information About Our Top Bass Scales

These are our top 5 picks for bass scales. The Boga Grip is a highly regarded favorite of mine. Of course there are a variety of other Boga grips, as well as other types of fishing scales, that are nicely suited for weighing in on the competition.

Hopefully, after you've put the smack down on those big feisty bass, you'll be able to hold truthfully to yourself when you decide to tell your peers about how much that hard fighting bass weighed before you released that son of a gun back into the water to live and be caught another day. =)

Show Off Your Largemouth Bass

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