Best Considerations For Selecting A
Graphite Fishing Rod

A graphite fishing rod is the prominent choice among experienced anglers for many circumstances of freshwater fishing techniques.

Graphite fishing poles are generally used by more experienced fishermen, such as professional bass anglers who are serious and dedicated for keying in on certain aspects of their fishing game.

The best, top quality graphite rods are stiff and light weight, yet they're a bit more brittle and somewhat pricey.

Let's go over a few key aspects about these rods to help provide you with a greater understanding of what attributes they contain, and if these could be a good choice for your fishing needs.

graphite fishing pole largemouth bass carolina rig.Largemouth bass caught on a graphite fishing pole with a Carolina rig.

Pros and Cons About Graphite Rods

Because of their stiff brittleness, they can be easily damaged if not taken care of properly. So, it's important to understand the features of which a graphite fishing rod has to offer.

Although they are strong, graphite rods are not suitable to be under the constant loading pressures of being bent over, nor banged around much either. They can sometimes be easily broken because of their brittleness. So for that, they are not a top choice for trolling and down rigging. They may be able to handle some saltwater tactics, however, I prefer using them primarily for freshwater fishing.

Fishing Techniques Suited For Graphite Poles

These rods are best suited for pitching and working jigs on the bottom or even fishing with live bait. They are also great for crank baits and spinner baits, and fair well for top water lures such as poppers, stick baits and most buzz baits.

The ultimate sensitivity of a graphite rod allows for you to have a greater feel through the rod. As you move your bait presentations, you can feel any subtle bump or bites, and the contour along the bottom in the water.

Options Incorporated With Graphite Rod Blanks

Not many rods are made with pure graphite. Graphite alone is too brittle and more expensive. Most graphite rods contain another material, usually fiberglass. These composite fishing rods allow for a variety of features of flexibility strengths for their power and action, and also helps to reduce prices.

There are quite a few options as to how fiberglass is included in a graphite fishing rod. The fiberglass can be wrapped around a graphite core. It can include a couple of layers, with one over the other.

Graphite and fiberglass may also be in the reel seat or the butt end of a rod. The more graphite in the blank, the lighter and more expensive it will be, but the stiffer and more sensitive it will be. Here's a bit more information on fiberglass fishing rods.

Custom Graphite Fishing Poles

These are just a few options to explore when considering using a graphite fishing rod. There are, of course, other considerations. Some are more technical, while others are based more on personal choices.

The technical aspects would be exactly how the rod is built and for which fishing technique. Some personal choices would be the handles (cork, foam, rubber, wood, etc.), guides (steel, ceramic, etc.), and your budget.

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