Pflueger Antique Fishing Reels

Are you a collector looking for Pflueger antique fishing reels? Great!

You might, or might not, already know the difference between antique versus vintage. However, it has come to my attention that there is a whole lot of misleading information out there on the internet about the two.

I continue to see really old Pflueger fishing reels being listed and described as antique items. When in fact they are not at all antiques. Vintage yes, but not antique.

For an item to be categorized as antique then it should be at least 100 years old. And vintage is something that is at least 40 years old and contains a high level of quality aspects.

Collective History Power of Pflueger Reels

35 years after Pflueger jumped into the fishing tackle industry in Akron, Ohio, they began manufacturing their first baitcast fishing reels in 1916. Nearly 40 years later in 1954 they began producing their first spinning reels.

It would be sensational as a collector to obtain any of those old antique Pflueger fishing reels from one of the first productions. Could you imagine the value that they must be worth?

The rarity, craftsmanship and beauty of an excellent fishing reel goes without saying. Of course the value would be determined by the condition of the reel. And if the box and paperwork are there and in tact.

Most Desired Antique Pflueger Reels

The top 3 Pflueger reels from those early days are the:

  • Summit
  • Akron
  • Supreme

These are the reels collectors love to have sitting in their glass cases for their friends to see.

Everything that I have mentioned here today are some of the important things that you will want to look into when searching for vintage Pflueger antique fishing reels. Best of luck with adding to your collection of fine art and beautiful craftsmanship.

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